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Top 10 best Christmas Songs

I’ll be honest, today is the 2nd of November and I am pre-writing this list. I’m a mum of two small people, I run my own business from home and also have a YouTube channel (here if you wanna look it’s me 🙂 For Christmas this year I will be doing Vlogmas, I did it last year and it was amazing, it was so fun and I love having the videos to look back on. Year I am also taking on the challenge of Blogmas, which is why I am writing this (and other posts ) in advance.


I chose this post to do today because I’m currently sat listening to Christmas music. I for one am mad about Halloween, its one of my favourite times of year, however the second the clock hits midnight and it starts to be November I am all about Christmas. Hence why I’m sat singing my little heart out to the songs I’m about to list. I will be linking YouTube videos for the songs I talk about for your listening pleasure. You are welcome. The number one spot on the list is my all time fave, the others are in no particular order.


Lets begin, Jona Lewie – Stop the Cavalry – Now this is a weird one, I know but I just love it so much. I can be in the foulest of moods and then hear the opening bars and it just makes me smile. Stop the Cavalry i don’t know anyone else who actually loves this song so if you do let me know in the comments so i feel less weird.

Next on the list is one that makes everyone think they are diva and belt out the high notes, All I want for Christmas by the one and only Mariah Carey, this song is iconic and no christmas party is complete without her high-pitched warbling. All she wants is you.


So many of these songs bring me right back to being 7 at my mums annual Xmas Eve party, she has a cd (yep she still has it) this next one is high up on the list of nostalgic music and its Slade, Merry Christmas Everybody Slade

I can still picture mums drunken friends singing it at the top of their voices at midnight. So many fun memories from all these awesome Christmas choooons.

If you haven’t seen the video the next song on my list I urge you to click the link and enjoy the 70’s tasticness of it. Of course it’s Wizzard –  I wish it could be christmas everyday, this was a firm fave of mine and my brothers, being 7 and dreaming that everyday you could get a shit tonne of presents, because after all that’s what Christmas is to a 7 year old isn’t it?! Getting pressies everyday

Kanye features in my list with Christmas In Harlem, I am very much aware that Kanye can be a bit of a dick but I cannot help but love his music, from when I first heard him until today he is still one of my all time fave rappers. Christmas in Harlem brings a hip hop element to my list and I wanted to include it.

Kanyes christmas offering

This next one is an oldie but a goodie, I think I first heard it when I watched Mean Girls, if you’ve seen the film you know I’m talking about Jingle Bell Rock. This song was released in 1967 by Bobby Helms and is still played every year, everywhere. Its awesome. End of. original not mean girls. 

No Christmas list is complete without the iconic Last Christmas by Wham, the lyrics, the video, the sentiment. Perfection. totes emosh



My mum played us so much music when

we were little and think it kick started my love of singing and music in general, this next song is by someone mum played to us all year round, not just at Christmas. Chris Rea, Road to Hell is the first song to come to mind when I hear his name but a close second is the one for the this list, Driving Home for Christmas.  The road to christmas, not hell.


This next one is always one of the first I hear when the shops start to play Christmas songs, every year without fail. White Christmas – Bing Crosby, Classic, simple, heart warming.

The last official Christmas song my list is Do they know its Christmas by Band Aid, the original from 1984 not the shit new one(s) this song is impossible to listen to and not sing along. Fact.

i dare you not to sing along

I need to add-on an 11th song as it is too good to miss, The fairytale of New York by the Pogues and Kirsty MacColl, this is one we all sing when we’re a little worse for wear at the work Christmas party and finally.


I hope you liked my list of the best Christmas songs, which do you love? Any on here you disagree with? let me know in the comments xx


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