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I love Rihanna (testing Fenty Foundation)

When Fenty launched I was about as excited as you can be, think the same level of excitement as a toddler when they hear they are getting cookies!! I know right, super fucking excited. However, my excitement turned to sadness when I remembered I was skint as balls and couldn’t afford any of it.

I watched every Fenty video and read every review that I could, and wished that I could get some. I was lucky enough for my birthday last year Ben made me a beauty box and inside was my first ever Fenty product. He got me the galaxy palette that i absolutly love (pictured below)

I then decided that I wanted to try the foundation and planned a trip to Leeds where Ben’s sister Amy lives, she is a makeup artist and there is a Harvey Nichols where I knew I could get colour matched. However, around two weeks ago a friend of mine whom I have met through youtube, Claire aka DiaryOfA40Something messaged me about some clothes she was sending me and asked if I wanted her Fenty foundation as she wasn’t a fan of it!! I said yes please and here we are.

Now if you are my mum (hi mum) and don’t know what foundation I am talking about, let me explain.

Fenty launched with 40 shades which is incredible, a lot of established brands only have around 10! They are grouped in Light, Medium, Tan and Deep and then sectioned by undertones. It is called the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear foundation and can be built from medium to full coverage. It costs £26 for 1.08fluid oz. Fenty is also cruelty free but not considered vegan.

The packaging is super expensive looking and feels really luxurious, definetly the fanciest packaging of any foundation I own.

The shade she sent is 170 which I think isn’t perfect for me as it is for cool undertones and I am very pink. I made it work for the try on and wear test but I’m not sure I can get away with it out of the house, let me know what you think.

I applied one half of my face with a damp beauty blender and the other half with my tried and tested Y6 brush from Morphe, I use brushes for 90% of my foundations as it is how i prefer to apply, however I much preferred the finish of this with the sponge. I had read reviews and seen videos and everyone said it dries fast and it oxidises like a mo’fo.

It definityly dries super quick so don’t mess about while applying, get it on and blend it out.

Now I always set my foundation with powder, always and I did with this even though I probably didn’t need to. The finish is so flinging flanging pretty, I absolutly love it. I’m not a fan of matte foundations as a rule, or full coverage as I feel really cakey and like I have too much makeup on (I know there is no such thing as too much makeup but I just dont like the feel of it). This finish, although it is matte it is very soft and delicate and it felt really light on skin, even with foundation, concealer, powder and bronzer it still felt like nothing on my face.


please ignore my expression, I am really bad at these kind of photos, just pay attention to the finish of the foundation.

I wore it for around 3-4 hours throughout the afternoon and it did start to break apart on my nose and between my eyebrows, now this could be that the primer I used wasn’t right or that I kept touching my face (i’m a face toucher) or it could be that is just how long it lasts. I am going to continue to wear it and play around with the combination of primer(s) I use.

I think if you have dry skin the this probably isn’t going to be the foundation for you but if you have combo/oily skin you could be in luck. My skin is combo and it is my favourite finish of any foundation I have ever tried, it is one that I would use for nights out for sure. I will 100% be getting colour matched when I next go to Leeds.


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