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So as the title says I am officially melting. It’s so hot. Or I should say, I’m so hot. I am literally sat in my pants everyday under the fan feeling like a massive sweaty whale woman.  I am wishing away the summer, hoping every day it’s gonna rain or even better snow!!!!

I’m 34 weeks and 1 day pregnant today. It is flying by, only 3 weeks til full term,  6 til due date. So the maximum time til baby girl arrives is 8 weeks!!!!!!!!

This is today’s bump picture, I feel ginormous, everyone keeps telling me I am ginormous but the midwife said I am measuring spot on.


We had a scan last week cos I was measuring small at the doctor, fundal height was 31 weeks when it should of been 33 weeks. However the scan showed baby is smack bang in the middle of the scale. So although I feel, and apparently look like a hippo I am actually the right size so if anyone says otherwise I may eat their head!!!!

Also this week I have dyed my hair, I was bored of the brown so ombre the ends, basically bleached the ends, they went ginger. So I tried directions violet, wasn’t very bright so bleached again and then ends went bright green!!!!!  But then tried again with purple and it came out awesome


Excuse my stupid face.  We also got given this amazing blanket from my friends mum, she makes them and they r so cute. I absolutely love it.


I also went back to the  dentist today coz my tooth still hurts after a course of antibiotics, turns out my tooth has died and I need a root canal. However they can’t do this while I’m preggo so the lovely dentist lady numbed me up and removed my old filling and dressed the tooth.  I didn’t realise til this afternoon but where she has filed my tooth it’s very sharp, like a vampire fang so I’m gonna have to go back and get her to re file it, it’s so sharp I’m worried I’m gonna bite thru my tongue.

Right I’m off to bed, smell u layer xxx



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