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7 sleeps….

So as the title says it’s 7 sleeps until we find out if we r having a boy or a girl. I cannot wait. We have had very mixed thoughts from friends and family because we want to find out. Either people are all for or very strongly against. My boyfriends mum doesn’t want to know, she doesn’t want us to tell her. I’m not sure how this will work coz although we have decorated the nursery already it’s only the walls done, as soon as I know what flavour I will be putting up either blue or pink curtains and buying more gender specific clothes which unless she just doesn’t visit until after bub is here I’m pretty sure she will see. I’m not gonna feel bad if I let slip thou, after all its not her baby. My friend rosie is super excited to find out, it’s really nice coz it makes me even more excited, if that’s possible.

Tomoro I’m off to the dentist for my first free NHS check up, hoping they don’t say I need much done coz I don’t fancy a filling with no anaesthetic.

Wednesday I am off to pick up the buggy from John Lewis with rosie, Ben doesn’t mind coz he knows I will just want to play with it loads 🙂

Thurs I am maybe going to an administration job, just a temp thing photocopying and filing which could be good for a little money. Then we have bens friend’s round for dinner, not sure what I’m gonna cook yet, got to make sure it’s OK for a diabetic though so Google will be helping.

What else has happened this week, ummmmmmm, oh yeah I had 2 coldsores which made me very sad and felt disgusting, ordered a licorice lip balm from eBay which should be here tomoro. Apparently they r brilliant for keeping the little bastards away, I hate licorice but I’m willing to put up with it if it helps.

Can’t think of what else has happened or is planned. Baby has eaten my brain.
Smell u later xxx


  • ftmguide

    I find it so weird how people are so opininated about whether you find out the sex or not. I have the opposite situation where I don’t want to know the sex and people around me are shocked that I don’t want to find out the sex of my baby like as if I don’t care! Or they think “how can you possibly prepare?” i’m like that is such a stupid statement to make. I think you prepare just the same. You might not have the pinks and blues but there is neutral colours to get you by until you do find out!

    Anyway as for you – its your baby and if others don’t want to know then its not your problem. If they find out because you buy pinks or blues then again, their problem

    • mustnoteatcake

      @ftmguide agree with u completely, I find it so odd with the comments people say, I’ve had one lady say that there is no point in having a baby if u r going to find out before its born!!!! In my mind I feel that knowing what we r having will help my boyfriend bond easier with the baby while it’s still being cooked 🙂 x


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