Slimming world journey


I missed a day. balls. I remembered about 2am but thought fuck it.

so it’s Thursday today and my 4th day fully on plan no slip ups. I’ve written down everything in my princess planner diary and feel so motivated this week. I didn’t manage day 2 of couch to 5 k as it was super rainy and cold but I am doing 30 mins on my wii fit a night which I love ♥️

so today’s food has been as follow

b – 2 apples and a muller light. lemon water and a decaf coffee.

l – 200g of filled pasta 9 syns with one slice of low fat garlic bread (3.5)

d – salad and homemade burgers and chips. free.

today i also switched to online from group membership so I’m all paid up until mid April.

I really feel good about this and am so excited to see how much I can lose.



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