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There’s a lot going – life update

It’s the 15th August 2018. Here is a list of things happening in the next 8 weeks.

– moving house

– going on our first holiday abroad with the kids

– cheeky cheese is turning 4

– the girls joint birthday party

– she also starts nursery

– Ben is turning 34

– little fish is turning 3

– pre film videos ready for when we move and have no internet (ideally 10 videos)

– I need to start my Christmas shopping for my own sanity

I haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks as I have been a stress monster. Plain and simple. So I will mass update all of the above

1. Moving house – yesterday I went to see my solicitor (who is now a friend as this will be our 3rd move in 3 years). We had a nice catch up and went through all the finer details of the conveyancing. We signed the contracts.

We ideally wanted to move house before our holiday on the 11th Sept but further down the chain people are on holiday at the end of August so it’s not looking likely (but it still a possibility, we should find out more today) so we will be aiming for the 1st October.

I’ve started packing things we can do without for the next 2-8 weeks depending on when we move. My dilemma is do I carry on packing up the house? My estate agent indicated he thought there was a day at the end of August that everyone can do which would mean we are moving in next 16 days.

However if we are waiting til the first of October that is 47 days, but we do have a birthday and a holiday in there which means we have 34 days.

What would you do?


2. Mid Sept we are off to Greece for our first family holiday abroad. It will be mine and bens first holiday since 2012 and we are super excited, we’ll we were super excited but then the whole house move happened and now it looks like we are away when everyone else in the chain wants to move!

Bens parents and sister are coming on the holiday with us which will be so fun so long as we (me) can not worry about the house while the kids we are away.

We have been to Greece twice before and love it so much, the people, the food (mmmmm cheese) the beaches and the beer (mythos is the best lager in the world, Fact)

Are you off on holiday?

3. So my eldest baby is going to be 4. Fuck.

I am going to cry so much I know it, I cry on everyone of their birthdays that they are getting so big. It’s ridiculous I know but I just can’t help it. I’ve just finished her present shopping and will be doing a full video on what we have got her.

We were planning on getting them a bearded dragon if we had moved already but will wait until Christmas for that instead.

4. Joint birthday party

We are having a party for them at the end of September, their birthdays are 32 days apart and they have all the same friends so we always have a joint party. It will be at a hall near where we live and I’m currently planning party games and food. You might think I’m being a bit premature with this but this party is happening the day before we are most likely to be moving. Yep, I know!

5. Nursery

Little cheese starts nursery the day before we go on holiday. This will be another day where I cry an absolute shit tonne. She is only going mornings and probably only 3-4 to start with but i will miss her so much. I know it’s the right thing to do though as she is so excited and I want to be able to prepare her for starting a school next Sept. She is desperate to learn and can already write her name so I am sure she will have so much fun.

I also want to be able to spend some solo time with little fish.

As I said the girls are close in age, I fell pregnant with fish when cheesey was only 16/17 weeks old so I had 13 months of just me and her but little fish has never really had any 1 on 1 mummy time so that will be lovely.

6. Bens birthday

On the 17th September (my due date for cheese) Ben will be turning the grand old age of 34. We will be in Greece so I’m trying to get him little presents that I can take in my suitcase so he has something to open on the actual day. I have a plan for a surprise when we get home but don’t want to write it incase this is the one blog post he decides to actually read 😂.

Any ideas for little presents would be appreciated.

7. Little fish is 3.

My tiny baby, who calls herself tiny fish is going to be 3. This honestly doesn’t seem possible, I swear it was only a couple of weeks ago she was extracted. I have also started her birthday present shopping but only a couple of bits so far, mainly things from shops that I knew I wouldn’t be going back to before her birthday.

She still thinks she is getting a bearded dragon and she technically still could be if we move in time so we will have to see how it pans out.

So yeah, that’s a little life update. I am trying to be better at writing posts and hopefully I’ll be back in the groove and less of a ball of stress soon.

What’s going on in your life at the moment?


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