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19/100 – Laila London – Rice Mask

I was contacted via twitter by Laila London, you can follow them here.

They asked me if I would like to try one of their products for free in an exchange for a review, I checked their website and it looked like lovely stuff so I agreed.

I chose a pink clay mask, you can check it out just here http://lailalondon.com/pinkclaymaskriceenzyme.html

After a couple of days the mask arrived. First impressions, the packaging is really cute, simple but effective showing you exactly what the mask in, i’m not a fan of products that don’t show you the name on them.


The website says it is a deep skin and pore cleansing mask with detoxifying and revitalizing effects.  It apparently shrinks pores, tightens and tones your skin and is suitable for even sensitive skin types.

There are instructions of how to prepare the mask on the website, which I followed, but I would highly recommend you ignore these.

The mask is a very fine powder that you mix with water to create a paste and apply. The instructions on line tell you how to do this, which I did, however it made enough to do around 4-5 peoples faces! This was a complete waste of product which is very annoying. There are instuctions on the jar that just state mix a little powder with water to form a paste and apply, I would advise doing this, you can always make more if you need it. Whereas I made shit loads and it ended up being wasted, and this isn’t a cheap product. It’s £16 a jar and I probably wasted a 3rd by following the online instructions.


Anyway, moving on, I made the paste and applied it to my face.

It felt really nice on my skin, cooling and relaxing. The website says to leave it for 10 minutes and then wash off. You can see from the picture above that when it dries it changed colour so I waited for it all to change colour and this took a lot longer than 10 minutes. I got bored waiting and ended up using a cool hairdryer on my face to speed up the process.

After what seemed like a week and half the majority of my face had turned the pale colour so I got a flannel with warm water and wiped it away, it came away really easily and didn’t leave any residue on my skin. I was actually really happy with the end result, my skin felt glowy and really clean.

I have used this once a week since receiving it and really love it, I will be trying more of their skincare for sure when this runs out, this is what I have my eye on next – http://lailalondon.com/matchabodyscrub.html

I would definitly recommend this as a weekly or bi-weekly mask to build into your skincare routine. It is a little expensive but if prepared correctly it lasts a long time.

What is your favourite mask at the moment?


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