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20/100 – Mint Mongoose Jewellery Subscription

This was sent to me for free in exchange for a review, I do not get anything if you sign up using the links below.


So Mint Mongoose contact me a few weeks ago explaining they were a jewellery subscription service, I get quite a lot of companies like this message me asking for reviews and turn most down if they don’t feel like me. However, I looked at their website and their pieces were really fun and quirky so I agreed. https://www.mintmongoose.com/

There are a couple of options for pricing, which are as follows –


Mint Mongoose basic – 3 pieces of jewellery worth $40 – $12 per month and $10 shipping to the uk (total £15 ish), USA shipping is $3.70.

Mint Mongoose black – 4 pieces of jewellery and also some extra goodies every month (like socks and makeup) $22 dollars a month and free USA shipping. Assuming it would be $10 to the uk, same as the other one.

You can specify if you prefer gold or silver, I said no preference, if you want earrings or not and also if you want watches included.


Fast forward to yesterday and this beautiful blue envelope arrived.

Inside was a small cardboard container with mint green ribbon and the cutest wax seal that had a mongoose on it, in side this was green tissue and a business card.

I have to say the branding with the tiny mongoose is one of the cutest I’ve ever seen, I love that it carries on from logo all the way through to being stamped into the pieces of jewellery.

When I unwrapped the tissue I was greeted with 3 small cellophane bags, each containing an item of jewellery, along with a little tag, that, you guessed it had a mongoose on it.

The first piece was a necklace with a long chain that hangs below my boobs, on the end is a large tear drop pendant of resin/glass. It is a really pretty red but I couldn’t seem to get the camera to pick up the colour very well. The chain is like an antique gold/bronze colour, which I really like, it also has the tiny mongoose stamped into it. This was my least favourite of the items that I got and I probably won’t wear it, but I think my mum will so it won’t get wasted.

Next up was a another necklace, same colour chain but much shorter, on the end was a square stone that was the prettiest green colour.

This is something that I will 100% wear, it’s really pretty and simple, it’s a good job I did like it as the next item is a pair of matching earrings.

They are comfortable to wear and don’t feel too heavy on my ears.

Since opening the parcel I have found out that some friends of mine that do YouTube also got sent boxes, and we all got the same which makes me think it is the same jewellery sent out to everyone each month. The items on the website were really quirky and I was a little sad that the items I received were run of the mill, so to speak. Here a few screen shots from their website so you can see what I mean.

The items on the website are all really unique and interesting and I just feel, personally that the items sent were pretty but very bog standard. I’m unsure if you are actually sent items from the shop or if they have different products for the subscription? I will try to find out and update you.


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