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The Dogs birthday 9/100

So yesterday, 25th of June was the dogs 9th birthday.

I forgot, and when I remembered I cried, a lot. I felt so guilty.

Before we had the girls he was my fur baby and I loved him more than anything, I still love but just not as much as the kids, obvs.

So I thought I would give you a little back story on the wonder that is Nibbler, aka Mr Bob/weenie/Mr Ween/Doodle/Doodle Bug/Bob Bob Boy/Nobbler/Nibbynoo.

We brought him home on the 8th August 2009, me and Ben had been together for a year and just got our first house together the previous month. We had 2 ferrets as pets, Cider and Blackcurrant, these were Bens and I wasn’t really a fan, too ratlike for me.

So we had been talking about getting a puppy (i’d been talking, Ben had been saying we would wait),I knew I wanted a black staffy and I knew he would be called Nibbler (I love Fururama fyi).

One saturday morning I was browsing Gumtree and I saw an ad for staffy pups around an hours drive from where we lived. I called the man and he said they had one left and he was a little black pup with a white paw. It felt like fate and I told Ben and before I knew what was happening we drove the hours drive to the middle of nowhere. We pulled up out the front and there were multiple dogs barking, some were chained up out the back, it didn’t feel like the nicest place to be. We went to the front door and it opened and a fat older black staffy walked out and a man said there you go and laughed, insinutating that was the dog we had come to buy. After a second I looked at him and saw he was holding a tiny little bundle of fur, which turned out to be Nibbler. He was 6 weeks old, now I know this is far too young to be taken from their mother but he was the last left in a litter of 6 pups, I knew if we didn’t have him he would probably end up with someone who wouldn’t be buying him for a pet, more likely a fighting dog. I wouldn’t ever recommend anyone take a pup from its mother at such a young age.

However, when I held him I instantly knew he was mine and we had to save him from a horrible life. I think Ben knew from the look on my face so he handed over £200 and the guy gave us a box with a ripped off peice of blanket from the mummy dogs bed so it smelled like her. We took him home and the rest is history.

He is the cuddliest, loveliest, soppiest, laziest, most annoying dog in the history of the world but I wouldn’t change him for anything. Here’s some pictures of him looking all kinds of cute.


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