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10 things you might not know about me

Today is Day 1 of my 100 days of blogging challenge and I thought I would start with an oldie but a goodie, I love reading these kinds of posts so hopefully you will like mine.

  • I was in a film with Harry Potter- It was 1999 and I was 15, I was living at home with my mum and brother when mum was contacted by someone from the BBC asking if she would be willing to let them use the front of her house for a period drama.(she has a Georgian townhouse).  She agreed and within a few weeks filming started, mum got chatting with various members of the crew and managed to get me and Josh parts as extras in the film. The programme in question was David Copperfield. There was a little boy who played a young David and that little boy turned out to be Daniel Radcliffe, at the time he was shorter than me and very sweet. 2 years later he appeared in Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone. During filming we also met Nicholas Lindhurst who wasn’t very nice, Bob Hoskins who was but I was most excited to meet Dame Maggie Smith. I was in hair and makeup and someone sat down in the seat next to me, I looked and my jaw dropped. In my head all I could think was oh my god its Wendy from Hook!! She was so kind and chatted to me and my brother. I miss my skinny little 15-year-old body.
  • I didn’t pass my driving test until I was 33 – I started learning to drive when I was 17, my mum and Keith bought me a blue Morris Minor (his name is Steve and mum still has him) I had a sort of intensive course and my instructor put me in for a test after a couple of weeks despite me not feeling ready. I failed by 1 point. After that I couldn’t afford to carry on learning so it went on the back burner. Over the years I tried again but I was so anxious about being on the road and worried about having a crash I just didn’t want to learn. Fast forward to 2014 and being pregnant with Baby 1 and I really wanted to learn, I tried in a manual and had a panic attack and couldn’t make it out of our road. Jump to Nov 2016, I had a 2-year-old and a 1-year-old and I lived over an hour from my friends, I said to Ben I wanted an automatic car to drive, I felt like taking away the gears would make me more confident, he agreed and we bought Randy the Landy. He was a 2008 gun-metal grey Freelander 2 and I loved him. I had lessons for 2 months and booked my test for valentine’s day 2017. I Loved driving him so much, i felt so confident and happy. On the morning of my test my instructor came round and we hopped into Randy and started the pre test lesson, all was good, we made our way to the test centre, 5 mins from arriving someone hit me on a roundabout (their fault). I knew I had done nothing wrong but it shook my confidence so much, I didn’t want to do the test but my instructor said I had to otherwise I would lose my money (this was in fact rubbish she just didn’t know what she was talking about). I did the test and got 1 minor, and then 1 major. When we pulled into the test centre I knew I had failed and cried, the examiner asked what was wrong and I explained what had happened and she was shocked that my instructor had made me take the test, saying that even people who have been driving years would be shaken from a crash. I went home and told my instructor she could jog on and wouldn’t speak to her (we’ve made up since) I rebooked the test for the 28th Feb, i didn’t tell my instructor. Ben had the day off work and we went together, me, ben and the kids, they sat in the test centre waiting for me. This time I didn’t mess up, I had a wonderful examiner who was so kind, I passed with 1 minor fault. After he handed my certificate the lady who had been the examiner on my first test came over and congratulated me . Apart from having my girls its hands down the best thing I have ever done, it’s changed my life beyond belief. I don’t care when people say I cheated by using an automatic car, I have my freedom now and I really urge anyone who is struggling in a manual to try an auto. Ben thinks it  sounds cool that I passed my test in a massive 4 x 4.
  •  I was a prefect at high school – for some reason people who know me now think this is hilarious. I am not really close friends with anyone from high school anymore so my friends since then always think this is a really weird thing, apparently I am too sweary to be a prefect. I was sweary then but I was also good at school and got good grades so it just shows swearing doesn’t mean you can’t be good at school.
  • My blood type is O-Negative – 8% of the Uk population has this blood type, it’s quite rare and it is the most requested by hospitals for blood donations as it is classed as a universal donor. All other blood types can accept this type of blood but O-Negative people can only accept the same. Once I found this out I started donating blood, my best friend Kate is also O-Negative so I look at it that if she ever needed a transfusion I could help her and she could help me.
  • I used to have a cake business – Before I had the girls, my card business or YouTube I worked as a barista but I also had my own cake business called The Cake Lane. I worked from home and supplied coffee shops and bars in Norwich with cakes and baked goods, I did this for around 6 months but it ended up not being financially worth all the effort it took and it started to take the joy out of baking for me. I stopped selling them to businesses but I still occasionally make items for friends and have actually made wedding cakes for 4 of my friends over the last 5 or so years.


  • I’m scared of ladybirds. That one is pretty self-explanatory.
  • I love disaster films – Volcano, Earthquake, The Day After Tomorrow, Dante’s Peak, Olympus Has Fallen, London has Fallen, the list goes on, I cannot get enough. Also, anything with Bruce Willis.
  • I worry a lot this always surprises people as I think I appear to be quite together but in reality I am a worrying worrier who worries about everything. Things that do not need to be worried about get worried about by me. Mum says I take after my granny, she always says granny worries if she doesn’t have something to worry about. Yep. Thats me. Since having the girls it has got a lot worse, if they have a temperature I wont sleep as I am worrying that something is seriously wrong. When Miicah was very tiny I didn’t sleep for nearly a week as I was so worried she would stop breathing because she had a febrile seizure. (that is a whole other post in itself)
  • My middle name is Lane – yes you read that right, Lane, like a road. It’s my mums maiden name, my brother has the same too, I absolutely love it. I think it is so unique and it bonds me to my grand-dad who I never got to meet but apparently I am very much like him.  I even considered it as a name for the girls. (while writing this part my 3 year old was sat on the floor chatting on her toy phone, she picked it up and said “Miicah speaking, hello Jim” – my grandad was Jim 🙂 (shes never met anyone called Jim or knew that his name was Jim fyi)
  • I have 13 tattoos – I got my first one aged 18, it’s a star at the base of my spine, this is my fancy way of saying its a tramp stamp. The others include 3 skulls, a crown, a butterfly, bens name in morse code, a pirate ship, a tea-cup, a greek column, lots more stars,  a Roman Dirge illustration, a Día de Muertos girl and a doodle. 3 of these were done by Ben. I am planning a whole sleeve when money allows but my next one is gonna be a “J” on my middle finger for my brother. He has an “L” for me on his finger. I know tattoos are very personal to each person and some people really plan and think about what they want which is probably the best way but for me I have always just gone for what I wanted, the only ones of mine that have any meaning are my morse code for ben, my greek column (me and ben have matching that we got in Corfu on our first holiday together) and my most recent one on my arm which is a skull and makeup items, this is a symbol of how much doing YouTube has changed my life. It brought me out of a huge cloud of depression and anxiety and its definitely my favourite of all my tattoos (so far) . The rest of mine are just random and don’t mean anything other than I like them.
  • bonus one – I love Hip Hop – specifically 90/00’s hiphop – Tupac, Ice Cube, Ja Rule, Eminem, 50 Cent, DMX. When I am on my own or in the car I get these on as loud as I can, they just make me super happy. If I’m having a shit day I get a playlist of them all on and it is guaranteed to lift my mood. I love most genres of music apart from death metal and classical, anything else and I’m good. I would much rather have music than TV.

Did any of these surprise you?

What are some facts about you that most people don’t know?

Well, Day 1 is done. I’ve really enjoyed writing this and I hope you have enjoyed reading it.


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