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Dog training: do not eat children

So today my lovely friend rosie came over for a cuppa with her little girl ruby who is super Mega cute.

I was quite nervous.

I thought that dogs may try to eat her, or bite her, or knock her over, or maul her, the lists goes one. In short. I was worried.

Now neither dog has ever growled, snarled or tried to bite anyone. I just worry, a lot, about everything. They dont tell u when  u r pregnant u turn into your nan when it comes to worrying.

So anyway, when they arrived I just shut the dogs in the garden. Nibbler knew someone was in the house and shoved his head through the cat flap, ruby (and rosie) thought this was hilarious. However I realised that this was probably not the best way to train the dogs not to eat babies or children. So I put harnesses on them and let them in. I held onto them both as best I could (5 stone of staffy is quite hard to hold on to) once they had calmed down I took off the harnesses and let them run about.

Neither dog seemed that interested in Ruby, apart from when she was busting some shapes to skater boy. I held a hand up to them when they went near to her and said no and all was good.

It helped a lot by the fact that ruby wasn’t the least bit fazed by the dogs, no fear which made me a lot calmer.

So overall it was a good insight into what the dogs will be like once the baby arrives. Not baby eating monsters I feared they would be. Megatron.

Smell u later xx


  • ftmguide

    Haha. That is so cute. We also have a little munchkin of a dog that I worry is going to be super jealous when baby arrives. I don’t know how to prepare the dog for the baby arrival! it doesn’t seem interested in my belly at all and in fact purposely tries to lie on my tummy like its intentionally trying to squash the baby!

    • mustnoteatcake

      What kind of dog do you have? Mine r staffies so they r the nanny dog anyway but it doesn’t stop me worrying. I have read up quite a lot on what to do, I’m letting them go in the babies room to see what’s going on while we decorate and add furniture. Showing them baby toys and clothes so they know not to chew and then when baby is here we will bring back a sicky muslin or baby grow and let them smell but make sure they know they have to be at a distance. Also just getting as many friend’s with kids round before hand 🙂

      • ftmguide

        Oh that’s great advice! I have a x maltese and bischon. I worry she will completely tear up the baby’s toys because any toy that comes home she gets and can do whatever she wants with it so I was inclined to have the nursery door closed to not let her near the toys.

        Good idea in regards to the kids. I have one friend with a 1 year old and she seems ok with her. Just sniffs her. I just think though when she sees me with the baby and giving the baby all the attention that she is used to getting, then not sure how she will react

        • mustnoteatcake

          I don’t know about your but the more I don’t let mind go in a room the more they want to. Now I leave the door open and they don’t even bother, both dogs have known I was pregnant before I did, my girl especially was super cuddly to my belly before I did the test and both know not to stand on me (which is good coz they weigh a lot) my boy dog is a proper mummies boy, we have had him since he was 6 weeks old. I’ve started already to make him get down and wait if he wants a cuddle. and made sure I can sit and eat and do whatever with just a raised hand so they know not to jump up. Then when they have been good I give them loads of loves and a carrot (their favourite treat lol) I’m sure ur little one will be awesome, animals always surprise us 🙂 x


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