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Hand Sanitiser and Toddlers

Since I have had the girls I have suffered from a little (read – an absolute shit tonne) of anxiety about them picking up sickness bugs/diseases from various places, because lets face it,  toddlers are disgusting. Mine and 2 and 3 and they will literally pick up whatever is on the floor wherever we are be in at home, the park or a public toilet. This sends me into an internal state of panic over what germs are on their chubby little hands, and then will in time be transferred to their mouths, because, toddlers are gross.

To help ease my anxiety over this adorable trait of theirs I have become a bit of a hand sanitiser enthusiast. Every bag, coat, room and even the car has a hand sanitiser in it. I’ve tried loads of different ones and I have a firm favourite. The best one I have at present is by Anantomicals. I was lucky enough to be sent some goodies by them, they asked me to choose 3 items which I did ( hand sanitiser, body scrub and glycolic pads) and this is by far my favourite item.

Anatomicals if you don’t know are a british brand who are cruelty free who create awesome products with the best names ever, fact. The slogan for the brand is “we only want you for your body”


The item in the spot light is this-


“it’s mean. it’s clean. it’s a germ killing machine. hand sanitiser”

Application is easy as it comes in a pump and produces a foamy substance that is really quick to dissolve into your skin, it also smells really good.

Foamy Foam

This one rates above all others, especially for the weenies (kids) because they think the foam is amazing. It’s apparently one of the funniest things they have ever seen and they love rubbing it in their hands to watch it disappear. Other ones I have used and loved are generally gel formula and the kids just don’t like it and will try very hard to wipe it straight on their top/my leg/their sisters face.


It also helps it’s not expensive, I have had this one for around 3 weeks now and used it everyday at least once and it still feels really full. You can get one for yourself for £3.49 here.

Both of my girls suffer from eczema and neither has any kind of reaction to this which is another massive plus for me. Any mums or dads or anyone who isn’t a fan of germy germs should definitely try this, if you have a favourite hand sanitizer please let me know so I can add to my (completely normal sized) collection.


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