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Nervous dog walker

So we are on the market and are getting a few people wanting to view which is awesome. The estate agents have said they are happy to do them but then it means getting two toddlers and a dog out of the house on my own which is no fun at all. Toddlers are no problem but the dog is. Well, not the dog as such, my anxiety regarding the dog.

I’m what you would call a nervous dog walker. I am petrified of other dogs off their leads attacking Mr Bob, he’s a staffy so I know he would probably be OK but I would also hate for him to hurt a dog that tried to hurt him if that makes sense. He’s not aggressive at all but i don’t know how he would react to being attacked l.

I wasn’t always like this.

About 6 years ago I was at work in the roaster (the Cafe) and one of our regulars was outside having a coffee with his sharpei. The dog just sat next to him while he read the paper. This happened most days.

However this particular day I was looking out of the window and saw this white dog run round the corner and just launch at the sitting dog and bite his neck. Seconds later the owner came running round the corner and proceeded to grab his dog (the customer was desperately trying to get the other dog to release his dog). Everyone in the cafe was shouting.

The owner of the attacking dog was punching it in the side to try and get it to stop biting. This was fucking horrible to watch for everyone, I don’t ever think I’ll get the image out of my head.

After what seemed like an age the dog finally let go of the sharpei. I went out and approached the regular customer who handed me the lead of his dog who was bitten and asked me to take him inside which I did. I had known the owner and dog for a couple of years so he was happy to sit with me. I sat on the floor with him while the owners spoke. I held a towel on his neck to stop the bleeding. Luckily as he is a sharpei he had all the rolls and it turned out the attacking dog only got skin and didn’t do any long term or life threatening damage.

After another few minutes and the bleeding dogs owner came in and said thanks for looking after hin. He said the owner of the attacking dog had only had him 2 days and assumed he was OK off lead and with other dogs. That dog and owner were so lucky that my customer was a dog lover so didn’t press charges or worse. He told the owner to muzzle and keep the dog on a lead. In hindsight we really should have reported the owner for not being in charge of his dog, I always think what if that had been a child!

6 years later and I still can’t walk Mr Bob without massive anxiety. We take him out as a family and if I see a dog off a lead it makes my heart race and I feel sick until the dog has passed by.

So as you can imagine the thought of having to walk him on my own with 2 toddlers multiple times a week is making me stress to the max.

If anyone has any tips please let me know. I would massively appreciate it.


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