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telling people…

so my YouTube channel has nearly got 1000 subscribers which is both incredible and scary at the same time.

I haven’t told many people in real time life, like friends who I see with my human eyes into their human eyes not via a computer about me having a channel. I think the reason why is because I am expecting them to laugh at me and think that I am obviously the world’s largest twat for thinking anyone would want to watch me rambling about makeup.
initially I didn’t want any real friends to know but I ended up telling a couple. their reactions were good. they didn’t laugh (well not to my face anyway). recently I’ve got a little braver and started mentioning it to more friends and again the response has been nice. I explained  to my friend caveman (yes that’s his name) that doing youtube has helped my anxiety and depression so much, I feel like a different person to before I started.
if anyone out there reading this wants to start a channel or a blog because you feel lonely or sad or depressed or anxious, but you are doubting yourself please don’t, you can do it. I did it and it has changed my life for the better. even if you don’t tell real life friends, tell me. I’ll read your blog or watch your channel.

anyway back to telling people. I think when/if I reach 1000 subscribers I will tell my real life friends. I am so scared to do this but I’m now thinking if they don’t support me then they probably aren’t my real friends. I’m proud of me. my family are proud of me and I really hope my friends will be proud of me.

this was super soppy bollocks and I didn’t  swear at all.

fuck yeah. Go me 😍


  • Julie barbour

    I am super proud of you Lucy and I glad that we have become friends through our you tube channel. I worry what people who know me think. And I over think the whole YouTube. My dad don’t understand why I do it. I am not even sure people do support me. But I enjoy doing it. I jut wanted to give it ago and see how it went. I didn’t expect to have made friends. And got the subscribers I currently have. Yes I would like to make some earnings if possible and have companies send me stuff I won’t lie about that. But to see and hope people like my channel and my personality. Is a big deal. It really does touch me. I am a very self conscious and self doubting person. But I also am a down to earth nice person. And I love watching YouTube so thought in for a penny in for a pound. Much love. Julie xxx

  • Kate

    Luce, I could watch you all day every day! If some laugh at you, they truly don’t know the strong, creative, funny and beautiful lady I know. I’m proud of you for doing what you enjoy even if it’s a little scary at first. Love you x


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