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So today was my 16 week midwife appointment (I’m 16+2). Finally met my actual midwife, she’s called jacki and she’s lovely. Reminds me of a old fashioned nanny in films. I thought she was just going to check my blood and wee but straight away she said she was gonna try and listen to the baby’s heartbeat.

So I got up on the bench thing and lay down and she said it could take up to ten minutes to find it and not to worry but as soon as she put the wand thing on my belly she found it.

It was mega, and she let me video it for Ben coz he was at work. 153 beats per minute, apparently that means girl according to the old wives tale but I still think boy.

Got the 20 week scan on the 28th April when hopefully we should be able to find out what we are having so we can finish the nursery. Bens mum is upstairs now painting it, I helped yesterday but the midwife said probably best not to do anymore (which I am mega happy about coz I fucking hate painting.) we have done a wall colour called malibu beach, I’ll post a photo but it’s more green than it looks in pic.


Depending what flavour it is I will put up either pink or blue curtains and accessories. I can’t wait.

We have decided on a buggy too which is super exciting. I want it now though so I can play with it.

In fur baby news Mr bob has got ear mites. Poor little man man. Going to get him some drops tonight.

Yesterday was tilly dogs 3rd birthday which was lovely, I got her a massive jumbone which she loved.


Yesterday was also the first day I felt like eating healthy foods, had a bowl of salad and pasta for lunch, all slimming world friendly,


I’m hoping to get back on track with it now I’m not being sick anymore. Not sure how many healthy extras I am supposed to have now I’m pregnant. Any ideas people’s?

Right I’m off to cuddle some puppies

Smell u later xx


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