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Pinterest 4/100

So I recently discovered Pinterest. I know, I know I’m very late to the party. I have had the app for ages but never actually used it until this past week.

When we had the offer accepted our dream house I just couldn’t stop planning rooms in my head. I wanted to start planning my filming room, the living room, the kids rooms and most of all my new kitchen.

Obviously we haven’t got the house officially yet but my mind is racing. I started off writing things down in a pad but then remembered Pinterest.

I opened it up and logged in.

Before I knew it I had made boards for each room in the house, plus boards for videos and crafting and bearded dragons. I got a bit carried away

I’ve fallen into the rabbit hole of Pinteresting (totally a word) and I absolutely love it. If you have an account please let me know so I can follow you and your awesome boards. If you are interested in following me you can do here.

Let me know any accounts you think are awesome.


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