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January 2018 – Favourites (and jog on things)

I’ve jumped on the bandwagon of new year new me like a lot of people have in terms of weightloss and diet and exercise but i also want to start a new year of actually blogging things that others might actually like to read. As aposed to my usual stuff that just gets read by mum, to my nan.


So starting as i mean to go on here is a list of my favourtie things from January 2018, there is a video about this but i know some people prefer to read rather than watch so i thought i would do both. Cover all my bases so to speak. I’m going to number the items so i can keep track.

  1. My beautiful mug from my friend Badger, its from QD and costs £2.99, i can’t seem to find it on the website to link for you guys but here is a picture showing how pretty it is. IMG_0498
  2. Number 2 (haha) is actually 2 things that go hand in hand, Slimming World and my princess planning food diary. I have done slimming world various times over the years but always gave up and stopped going to meetings, i just couldnt get on board with all the clapping and shit. At the start of January i started an online membership and have been weighing in at home on my Wii fit thing, and i am loving it. Ive stuck to plan around 80-90% of the time and have lost 4lbs which im super happy with. I want to lose it slow and steady as i feel this will give me a greater chance of keeping the weight off once and for all. I still have a way to go to target (around 30lbs). Now the planner i have is from princess planning which is from instagram here – https://www.instagram.com/princess.planning/     it has really helped me stay on track and stay accountable for what i am eating. I am one of those people who loves a list and if something is written down i am more likely to stick to it. There are loads of designs and customisable options but here is my beauty IMG_0497
  3. next up is a trio of hair products. I have always been someone who doesnt really care about my hair, i dye it and cut it myself and generally dont look after it, however i had a subscriber message me privately to tell me hair was thin in places and she thought i had thyroid issues, i hadnt ever noticed my hair being particulary thin but it really got to me. So i went shopping and picked up these affordable Alberto balsam Shampoo, Conditioner and Thickening spray from asda, they were £2 each but were on a 3 for 2. They smell amazing and have made my hair feel so lovely, really light and smooth. im not sure they are thickening at all but i love them, i have actually just repurchased the shampoo and conditioner which i never do, i usually just buy whatever is cheap or on offer but i am sticking with these goodies. IMG_0495
  4. another hair item now, this was sent to me by one of my wonderful subscribers on youtube and i am gonna be buying another one when this runs out. If you havent seen my channel or instagram you might not know but the bottom half of my hair is green. I have been bleaching the ends of my hair for around 18 months now and had various colours, mermaid green is my all time fave. This colour by Crazy Colors (i hate writing it like that) is called Peacock blue and it is amazing. really easy to apply and so vibrant and leaves my hair feeling great. the bottle is a mess as i couldnt find gloves when dying my hair so had sandwich bags on my hands and i kept knocking the bottle over. IMG_0494
  5. moving onto skincare, this little sample was in a beautybox last month ( i cant remember which one). I have heard so much good stuff about glycolic this glycolic that and how its incredible for skin and i have to agree. i have been using this serum for around 3 weeks now. I wash my face in the morning and then apply this and leave to sink it, it initially feels really tacky on the skin but then dries to leave it super soft. i really feel like it has helped improve the texture of my skin for sure, i am buying another one and have been searching for offers and found it on sale here at Look Fantastic – http://tidd.ly/e12c1fcb
  6.  More skincare, its the month of getting my base right. I purchased a set from the tarte website in the boxing day sales and got 3 moisturisers. I really wanted to not like them as they are pretty pricey, however I dont like them, i love them. first up is the Maracuja Eye Treatment, the pot i got is teeny but the stuff is really lovely, im not sure i will be repurchasing a full size as i have other eye creams i like which dont cost as much. the products i will be buying are the Brighter Days moisturiser and the Drink of H20 booster. The brighter days is a beautiful daily moisturiser that i use in the morning after my serum, it leave the skin so glowy and shimmery i love it. your hands literally sparkle after applying so if you arent a fan of shimmer then this wont be the product for you but for me its amazing, on no makeup days it just gives me a beautiful finish and it works well as a base for makeup too. the Drink of H20 is a gel water moisturiser that i use every evening before bed, it smells like heaven. i cant place it but it is incredible and i want every skincare item to smell like it. it sinks into the skin so easily and leaves it feeling so soft its my new go to and i cant see anything replacing it any time soon, you can buy it here – http://tartecosmetics.com/EU/en_GB/collections/rainforest-of-the-sea/drink-of-h2o-hydrating-boost-moisturizer/777.html      they also look beautiful on your dresser.IMG_0489
  7. i wont ramble on too much about number 7 as i am super late to the party. Its a beauty blender. I have always wondered if they were worth the hype and the price. They are. i have no picture as mine is covered in foundation and looks rank.
  8. from something crazy expensive to something affordable, i got this brow palette from i heart makeup ages ago and its just sat in my drawer, always overlooked. until i got my unicorn brushes (see below) and tested the brow brush. Wow this stuff is amazing, for my brows its the perfect colours and lasts well. and its cheap as balls!!IMG_0493
  9.  Moving on to lipstick, ben got this for me for christmas, his sole reason for buying was the name “Unicorn Blood”. it is a jeffree star velour liquid lipstick and it is amazing. This colour is the perfect for the time of year, its dark and red and beautiful. it isnt drying or uncomfortable to wear, really good colour pay off and lasts well.I have another colour as well called Scorpio but unicorn blood is my fave. IMG_0491
  10. HIGHLIGHTER – there had to be one, i am obsessed with it so there had to be one. this has been in my to test drawer for months and i finally got round to using it and it is beautiful. I am always nervous of liquid or cream highlighter but this is so easy to use. i apply on bare skin for no makeup days but also over foundation and powder and it doesnt bunch up or move the foundation underneath. it is a really pretty natural glow , if you want it to be blinding then it layers nicely with a powder over the top. IMG_0492
  11. ooh next up is my set of Unicorn makeup brushes by I heart makeup 🙂 i got them in the sale for £4.99 from Tam Beauty and they are amaze balls. They look awesome and they work brilliantly. there isnt a lot i can say but here they are…IMG_0496
  12. my final item is something i have had before but not this specific one. Its Mac Fix Plus Spray which i love, however this time i got the coconut one which smells like holidays, it is wonderful for setting makeup and also as a refreshing spray throughout the day. beats any other setting spray i have used and smells delicious.IMG_0488

so that was my faves for January, the only jog on items this month were a makeup sponge by Next that felt like a rock and a bourjois mascara that transferred all over my eyes. so all in all it was a good month, if you managed to get this far thank you so much for reading. Leave me a comment with your fave item from january, doesnt have to be makeup just something you really loved.





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