Cook With Me – Burger In A Bowl

Burger in a bowl. Sounds weird right?

Thats what I thought when I first heard about it, I didn’t like the sound of it so never made it, until about a month ago when curiosity got the better of me. I made it, and we loved it!!

It is supposed to taste like a Big Mac but as I have never had a big mac I wouldn’t know. It has pickles and there is supposed to be a special sauce but I didn’t bother with that as I dont like them. Ben has pickles on his and has either thousand island or chilli and lime dressing and he says it does taste like one, anyway lets get to the cooking.

This recipes serves two greedy adults (double or triple or half as required)

12 points for this recipe, 6 per portion. (I add 3 extra for the rice) 

For the meat

250g lean mince beef ( 3 points per portion)

fry light / spray oil

tblsp worcestershire sauce

2 tblsp bbq sauce

1 tsp bovril

1 x beef oxo

salt and pepper

sprinkle of garlic granules

sprinkle of onion powder

dash of water to deglaze

For the salad 

iceberg (0)

cucumber (0)

Peppers (0)

any other zero point salad you like

Crispy onions 10g (1 point for 5g)

40g 50% reduced fat cheddar (2 points 20g)

0% fat dressing (I use asda good and counted caesar (0) for 15g)

You can have it like this or add some carbs if you fancy, I go between chips, squaffles or rice.

Now lets get cooking. If you are adding carbs then start cooking them now, today I added brown rice to mine.

To start with brown your mince in a large fryin pan over a medium high heat, break it apart so there are no chunks, add the oxo, onion and garlic granules, bovril, worcestershire sauce and stir until all browned.

while this is browning start to prep your salad, I slice my iceberg with a plastic knife as this stops the lettuce from discolouring on the edges. My salad consists of iceberg, cucmber and red peppers but you can throw in whatever salad you like. I put mine into my beautiful big bowls that my wonderful granny got me from asda a couple of years ago, they are enchanted forest theme and I also have the cups to match . I think the bowls are £6 each, the mugs are £4 for 4.

Once the meat has browned chuck in a slug of boiling water to deglaze the pan, bubble away until all the liquid has gone and the mince starts to get sticky and charred.

Then its all about assembling you big bowl of deliciousness.

I add my hot rice over the top of my ice cold salad, give it a mix, pop my portion of meat onto the top and then add the toppings. Ben has mini gherkin pickles on his which i roughly hack apart with scissors as I don’t like touching their pickleyness

I add 20g of reduced fat cheese to mine (full fat for ben) 5g of crispy fried onions and then a little dressing. This is the end result. Let me know in the comments if you try and what you think, and let me know of any recipes you want me to try out.

Burger In A Bowl



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