No count Week One

I have just finished my first week of doing No Count which is a secondary part of the Weight Watchers Flex plan. I explained about it in a previous post here.

My week started badly at Pizza Hut on weigh day with the kids, i had a thin pizza and pointed it and I didnt eat the crust but it still wasnt the best idea. The saturday as we stayed at bens parents, they made chilli which was fine for no count but i ate a lot nachos. I have really enjoyed the plan and have felt fuller most days however it is weigh day today and the scales have stayed the same. This isn’t a good sign especially as I was up in the night with sickness and the shits. I think if I hadn’t come down with a bug then the scales might have shown a small gain which is definitely not what I am trying to do.

Most days I have started with a breakfast of shredded wheat mini and skimmed milk which I have absolutely loved having. I haven’t had cereal for what’s feels like months and I had forgotten how much I like it.

On No Count this is all “free” I hate using that word as to me it implies you can eat a fuck tonne of it. Basically it’s all on the No Count list so is zero points. I weighed my positions everyday and had 40g of shredded wheat and 100ml of skimmed milk, if I was tracking this would be 5 points. I am allowing myself 3 points (250ml of skimmed milk a day for cereal and coffee).

Lunches have been a different story to when I am tracking. Crumpets are on the No Count list. I have had them when tracking but I would generally only have 1 for 3 points whereas on NC I was having 2 or some days 3 if I was hungry. I had this lunch a couple of days and don’t get me wrong it was amazing but it’s not gonna help me lose weight

This whole plate is 1 point on No Count. Tracking it would be 12 points which is double what I have been having for lunches!! This recipe is eggy Crumpets and I did a video on it just here.

You can see where it’s gone wrong can’t you 😂


Again on No Count this was all zero / free.

Tracking it would be 11 points! I weighed my chips out (125g) which is what I have if I have McCain 5% fat oven chips when tracking so I wasn’t eating silly portions.

I think this week has been lovely and I would definitely do the odd No Count day here and there but for me I think I will stick to tracking my points using Flex.

Had No Count worked for you or are you a tracker?


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