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4th times a charm?

So if you have been following me for any length of time you will know that we have moved house a lot in the last 6 years.

Here’s a time line

Jan 2012 – buy first house

July 2016 – sold house, move to new one.

June 2017 – sold house, move to current one.

May 2018 – put house on market (it happened today)

So a board went up this afternoon and we are officially on the market.

Moving house so much has been so stressful and the main reason for that is dealing with estate agents. This is me throwing a very broad net over a large bunch of people which is not good at all as I am sure that the vast majority of estate agents are wonderful people (our current one we are using to sell is lovely) but other than him most we have dealt with have been horrid.

There is no customer service we are just a number to them, they can’t seem to listen and are just all about money, and I expect this as it is their livelihood but buying a home is massive.The reason we are moving again is because the last 2 moves have been because we were pressured by our buyers, threats to pull out of the sale have made us settle for not exactly what we want, we should have been supported better by our agents and not been rushed to complete the sale.

Not this time.

We have made a list. A list of non negotiable things we want from our forever house. Well, forever unless we win the lottery obvs.

Here is the list (I love lists)

  • 3 bedrooms minimum
  • Bathroom and a separate toilet
  • Garden
  • Parking
  • Large kitchen
  • Close to school
  • Close to shops
  • Double glazing
  • Central heating
  • Conservatory/utility (space for Mr Bob)
  • Office space

Going back to my point about my experience with estate agents as a collective, I have been chatting to various ones today getting put on to mailing lists and have been amazed by the inability to listen to what the customer is actually saying.

I listed areas of the city we wanted and then got emailed 11 listings, none of which were even remotely close to where I specified.

You tell them your budget, and we all know there is generally some wiggle room but 40k over budget is ridiculous. Why would we view a house that we can’t afford?

Want 3 bedrooms? let me show you this house where there is a conservatory off the 3rd bedroom…..no that’s a dining room!!!

It’s making me cross just reliving memories of the last two moves, I know we have got a stressful time ahead and I will keep you updated with how the process moves.

If you have any tips for buying a house let me know in the comments x


  • Ragatha Christie

    Don’t lose sight of the fact that your forever home *is* out there, despite the fact that buying/selling houses is like swimming with sharks on your period (I imagine!) 😉 Good luck!

  • Lucy PurtFace

    Haha that is quite an image you painted 😂😂 you are right though. I think this time will be less stressful as we aren’t putting a time line on it xx


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