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Cosy Candles Subscription 5/100

Todays post is about a monthly subscription service for soy wax melts. The company in question is called Cosy Candles  (linked here) and I was contacted by them asking if I wanted a box in exchange for an honest review. I am a huge fan of wax melts so I said yes please and the box was sent out.


There are two types of subscription available, the first is a Mini Melt Subscription Box which is £9.99 and has 28 mini soy max melts in 4 different scents. It is approximatly 140 hours of fragrance per month.


The second that I have is the Cosy Pod Subscription Box which costs £14.99 per month. I’ll go into details in a second.


The box arrived by Royal Mail this morning, it was wrapped in a plastic postal bag and is a medium sized flat box that fits through my letter box which is a standard size.

I loved the yellow string it is tied with, it gives it a really hand made feel to it.

As you can see there is a discount code for 30% off your first box using code 30OFF (not an affiliate link.)

The box I have is the June box and comes with 6 soy wax melts and the box will approximatly produce 480 hours of fragrance. This means you have enough in this box to burn for around 12 hours everyday for a month.

Opening the box I was greeted by a beautiful yellow tissue paper with a card on top telling me the contents of the box, after moving the card there is a cute sticker saying Cosy Candles. The whole thing feels really summery and lovely, also the smell from the box is beautiful, before I even took the outer wrapping off I could smell the wax melts.


I opened up the tissue and was greeting by the really cute packaging of the 6 melts for this month.

I will now go through each scent and give my opinion, I also asked my other half, Ben what he thought the scents were and his thoughts on them, he hasn’t seen any of the names so he will be guessing.

The first I opened was the Seaweed and Juniper which is a beautiful green melt, it is a really fresh and clean scent, I would never have been able to guess it but I really enjoy it, Ben liked it too saying it smelt sweet and fresh.


Next up was Lemon Sherbert, now this is smells good enough to eat. Some candles and melts I have had previously when they are trying to smell like fruit tend to be very fake smelling but this actually smells like lemons, which happens to be one of my favourite smells ever. It is really fresh and summery and I think I will be burning this on days I have people coming to view my house which is currently for sale as I think this will be a scent that everyone loves. This was one Ben guessed nearly right, he thought lemon cake, but that might just be because its nearly dinner time and he’s hungry.


Next up is my least favourite of the box, Dark Amber and Ginger. I have lots of gingerbread candles that I love but this wasn’t something I will be using. It is not an unpleasant smell by any stretch of the imagination but it isn’t something I want my house to smell of either.  Now when I handed this to Ben,  he said judging by the colour he thought it would be baby poop (i’m sorry but I am always going to be honest with my reviews) or toffee. When he smelled it he said it was toffee or fudge, he liked it more than I did but I do agree it does smell a little like toffee.

Next up is Pink Champagne, now I don’t think this smells of any pink champagne I have ever tried but it is a lovely aroma, its not too sweet or sickly, this one also has a layer of glitter in the met which my kids thought was amazing. Ben said this one was too girly for him.


Second to last was Fresh Linen, this is my favourite. It is such a classic scent and this is what I will be using first, it is a perfect fresh linen smell and I know when its gone I will be wanting another one. Ben guessed this one as soap and said he liked it.

Final one for Junes box is Peony and Blush, I knew I would like this one as soon as I saw the name, I love peonies to look at as a scent. It is really light and girly and floral, it is the perfect pink colour too for this smell, although my camera is picking up as much darker than it is. My little girls thought this one was beautiful, their daddy said it was too feminine for him but he thinks it will be nice in the house.

The wax melts in the subscription box I have are quite large (approx 80g) I have a normal sized burner from Bomb Cosmetics which would fit one whole one in but I have actually cut them into quarters. I do this as sometimes I like to mix scents and also it means I can burn one for a few days and then once the smell has lessened I still have some left to use another time. I also have some tiny burners that need much smaller pieces of wax to melt in them.

The one I am starting with is the Fresh Linen and it is as beautiful as I expected, I really love it, it brings back memories of my childhood and thats always lovely.

Overall I think the subscription is really good value for money, I have been looking at other similar products and it seems a small size melt costs around £1.50, burning for around 8-10 hours. This box says it can supply up to 480 hours of frangrance, so thats 48 regular wax melts, which is £72 so I think £14.99 for this box or £3 per melt is a really good deal. Even better if you use the discount code above (this is not an affiliate link this is just a code given to me by the company, I do not gain from the code being used)


If the scents do not last as long as it claims on the information I will let you guys know in the comments or in another blog post.

Thanks again to Cosy Candles for sending me this box and making my home smell amazing for the next month.


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