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Plants in your house 8/100

In recent months I have come to absolutely love having plants in the house. Some I have are real and some are fake but I think they all look awesome.

This post was inspired by my first ever flower arrangement I made today. We had a viewing booked for the house and I wanted flowers for the living room but forgot to buy any so armed with scissors I went into the garden and had a chip and chop and ended up with this little beauty.

I cannot believe how beautiful it is. I didn’t even have a vase (note to self : buy vase) so I used a pint glass and I still think it looks flinging flanging amazing.

I’m slowly adding to my collection and I intend to expand a lot once we move.

Another addition this week is my peace lily, I got it from asda for £2.50 and the little bucket is also asda. It makes me happy just seeing it on the table and it makes the room look lovely.

Apparently they are hard to keep alive so I’m not too hopeful but keep your fingers crossed.

This is another real one. This is called a Jelly beans plant apparently (correct me if I’m wrong) and he lives on the top of my bookcase with my fox lamp.

I have a couple more real ones in the shape of cacti, I am amazed I have not only managed to keep these alive but actually help them grow.

My brother doesn’t believe me that this one is real as it feels very strange but it definitely is because it’s grown a little new shoot.

In this picture the little cactus at the bottom is real and has doubled in size since I bought it around 8 months ago. The other flowers are fake but I love them all the same. I am a massive fan of peonies so have the purple ones above and also some coral ones in my bathroom.

They have some tiny fairy lights wrapped through them that look gorgeous at night.

So that’s my little collection, do you like house plants? Do you have a favourite? Let me know any recommendations you have.


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