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ToucanBox – First Impressions

I was browsing through Twitter a couple of weeks ago and found Toucan Box, I had vague memories of hearing about it a while ago and there was a free box code so I thought I would give it ago. I got the box for free and paid £1 shipping. Usual cost is £4.95 plus £1.00 shipping, it arrived super quick and fits through your letter box so you don’t have to wait in for it.

The box is a creative learning craft box aimed at 3-8 year olds. It is delivered every two weeks or on a monthly basis depending on what you want. You can also cancel or pause your subscription whenever you want ( this was a big seller for me as I hate subscriptions where you have to give lots of notice or have a minimum amount of boxes).

You can choose what you want written on the front

I sat down and unboxed it, I have a video of the whole thing that you can watch here

Inside the box was a little booklet that had instructions for the craft project and then lots of puzzles and colouring in and trivia which I think the girls are a bit small for at the moment but I liked reading it.

activity booklet

Next up was the actual making of the craft, which this box was a little crown. It came with sticky back felt, lots of “diamonds”, sticky dots, ribbon and templates for the crown, the only thing I needed to supply was a pen and scissors. It was relatively simple to do and only took about 5 minutes, I think older children could definitely do it on their own whereas mine needed supervision with the scissors.

You also got a little envelope of offer from other companies which is nice, always good to have a discount code.

The final outcome was super cute and Miicah hasn’t taken it off since we finished around an hour ago, I did however have to use my mum skills and make Aria her own one out of paper. Here are some pictures of them looking super cute.

They are so good at smiling on demand as you can tell

Overall I think the box is awesome and will be carrying on with the subscription, I think I will continue to get just one box as I do think Aria is a bit little for it at the moment (she’s 2.5). When you sign up you are given a code to share where your friends (you guys) can get your first box for free (I get my next one half price) If you want to try a box for free you can do so here

I hope you guys liked this box, if you get any other kids subscription boxes let me know in the comments so I can look into getting them.



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