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Diary – Someone is viewing the house.

So it is currently 1.22pm and we have a viewing at 1.30pm. It’s the second of the day. I have been frantically following the kids around (and Ben) to make sure no one made a mess.

This will be the second of the day. The first was at 11am, however I thought it was at 11.30 so I had all my Aldi shopping out in the kitchen filming a food haul video!! I am so annoyed at myself for not knowing the time but in my defense they have arranged 3 for this weekend and one for yesterday which was cancelled and I just got in a muddle,

The couple this morning were down sizing from what sounded like our ideal house but I didn’t think they would be up for a house swap unfortunately. I never know how much information to give when showing someone a house. All my years of working on a market stall meal I can small talk the arse off anyone but it also means I chat a lot of shit.

I am going to try my hardest not to have word vomit for the next one and be nice and calm and not swear if I can help it. It always makes me a little nervous as they are essentially judging my home which I love.

I need a nervous poo but it’s too late now. 3 mins til arrival. Fingers crossed they look round quickly and that I don’t poop my pants.

I’ll update later.


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