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We sold the house

Woo-hoo right?

Maybe not.

Last Friday we sold the house. It was after a second viewing and the buyer seems lovely and understands we haven’t found anywhere.

However since we sold we need to find. This is proving much harder than we expected.

We knew it wouldn’t be an easy task as we want to find our forever home but there is just nothing even close. We have viewed 3 houses so far. 3 houses in over a month. We really loved two but they are over priced and the sellers don’t want to sell for less than asking.

And I don’t blame them. No one wants to sell for less than asking price but in reality it is a very common occurrence. We sold for less than asking.

How much under asking price do you offer? I read somewhere that if you aren’t embarrassed by your offer then you are starting too high.

We offered 10% under on one house we liked and were turned down. Unfortunately the house needed a lot of work to make it what we needed and we couldn’t go higher as we then wouldn’t have had money to complete the renovation. It’s a vicious circle.

What’s the lowest you have offered on a house and had it accepted?

I need to go and scour RightMove for the 183rd time today. Wish me luck.


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