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15/100 – choosing a school

This is a subject I don’t know much about, I am constantly reading blogs and forums about it.

In September this year my eldest will turn 4.

In October we will have to choose her school for next year. We assumed she would go to the one in our catchment area but as we are moving we won’t be within the designated vicinity.

We are only moving ten minutes down the road but it pushes us out of catchment. This is where I am having issues, she is booked in to start nursery in Sept at the school where we currently live, however as we are moving I’m wondering whether it would be better for her to start nursery at the new catchment school?

Now this might sound easy as cheese but here’s the predicament.

The current school where we live now had an outstanding ofsted report (from 2010). The new school had an inadequate ofsted from may this year.

Obviously I know now that the spotlight is on the new school they can only get better? I’m hoping that’s the case anyway, but you can see where the doubt is creeping in.

The school where we currently live is always over subscribed so chances are we wouldn’t get in even though it is only 1.9miles from our new house. The inadequate one is 1.3miles. What would you do?

The new school has safeguarding issues, 2 children actually managed to make it 2 miles down the village across a very busy road. It basically failed in every aspect of the inspection.

Have you ever applied for a school out of catchment and been successful? Should we let her carry on as planned and go to the nursery where we are now and then move to the inadequate school?I don’t know why I’m writing this to be honest, hoping for advice I think.

So if you have any advice please let me know.


  • The Wacky World of Lottie

    We get this all the time at the nursery. You can apply for a place at the school you want and if you don’t get it you can always choose to appeal. If you do this will then go to a panel of 3 educational influencers who listen to why you want the school you do and not the one in your catchment area. It’s worth a try if it’s the school you really want for the girls. But if Miicah goes to the nursery at the school your more likely to get her a place for reception in the September… I hope this helps? Either that or keep a close eye on the school nearer you and see what happens. But I’d apply for the one you want anyway!!! Xxx

    • Lucy PurtFace

      thanks lovely . we think we are going to go for the one we want as she seems to want it too , and we will just have to hope we can get a place next year xx


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