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5 Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without

So the title is a little dramatic, obviously I can live without beauty products, I’m not that much a super bellend but these are ones that I would be much happier with if I could have in my life.

  1. Water – now you might be thinking ‘that’s not a beauty product’ but I would have to disagree. For me drinking and keeping my skin clear is the basis for me feeling good and ‘beautiful’ if you will. (not that I would actually refer to myself as beautiful in any scenario). I don’t like wearing foundation unless I really have to, I just don’t like the feel of it on my skin, plus it always breaks apart and I am always worrying about having a tell-tale line of discolouration. So yes, water is a must have beauty item for me. It keeps my skin clear enough so that I can confidently not wear foundation.
  2. Brow Powder/pencil – my eyebrows are quite thick but they are also very light in colour and I much prefer a darker brow to make me feel my best. They are also a little sparse right in the front where a dodgy woman threaded them badly and they have never grown back. Ideally I would have microblading as I really dislike doing my eyebrows everyday but once they are done I always feel better about myself, but it’s so expensive, maybe one day.
  3. Mascara – this is probably one that most people would pick. I am always amazed how just one coat of mascara can open your eyes and make you look so awake and like you have made an effort even if you really aren’t. As a mum of 2 toddlers who have been allergic to sleep for the last 3 years mascara has been my best friend.
  4. Lip Balm – I suffer from chapped lips all year round. It doesn’t matter if its hot or cold, wet or dry my lips are always chapped. Every handbag/changing bag I own has lip balms in. If they are really chapped I will put sudocrem on them overnight.
  5. Moisturiser – For the last year or so I have used a water based moisturiser and it has been a game changer. My skin feels amazing and I no longer have dry patches, it seems to have just made my skin happy for want of a better word.

I will go into details of what each item is specifically in another post but for now let me know what your must have beauty items are.


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