Makeup Shiz


so tomorrow is the 1st October. for some reason I decided I wanted to try and do 31 days of Halloween on my channel.
what the fuck was I thinking? I’ve pre filmed 13 looks so far but it is so hard. I’m not great with the fx makeup (or any makeup) but I really wanted to push myself. I have all the looks written down that I want to do but it’s not that easy. I am so worried that by doing this I’m going to make myself look like a complete twat. i have massive doubts about doing it.

my first video is going up tomorrow at 8pm. I’m wondering whether to just not upload . I know that sounds stupid especially after working so hard to film the 13 I have but I’m just having massive anxiety.

I’m not really sure why I’ve even written this blog but I needed to get it out.
so I’m gonna go.
smell u layer x


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