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Revolution Makeup – Brow Tint – First Impressions

I was browsing TamBeauty recently buying the Soph x Rev palette for my upcoming giveaway and saw they had an offer where if you spent £15 then you got a free palette. I love a freebie so added the Soph palette to my basket and then went searching for something to bump up the order.

The item I found was the new brow tint, it looked similar to the Maybelline Brow Tattoo and Wunderbrow but it was cheaper, £5 to be exact which meant it would take to freebie heaven.

The brow tint can be purchased from Revolution beauty here.

Around a week later my parcel arrived, the Soph palette went into my giveaway box, the free palette is in my makeup to test drawer and the brow tint got put to work right away.

Since accidenatally dying my hair nearly black my brows look very pale in comparision so I chose the tint in dark brown, my inital thoughts were the packaging looked really sleek.

the instructions were super easy to follow, paint on with applicator or brush, leave for up to 2 hours and feel off. Perfect brows for up to 3 days.

eyebrows before

So I began applying it and quickly decided the applicator brush in the actual component wasn’t precise enough for me so I grabbed a tiny liner brush and went to work. It applied really easily but I was a little scared how dark it was.

Once applied I felt like a comic book villain and Ben couldn’t talk to me seriously.

I set my timer for 2 hours and went about the rest of my day, they dried quite quickly and felt very stiff but nothing uncomfortable. Once the timer was up I sat down to peel them off, I assumed it would be the same as the Mayebelline one I had previously tried but it didnt want to peel. No matter how I tried I couldnt see to get a good peel going and just kept ripping out lots of hair. Instead I grabbed a clean spoolie and combed them out, this proved to be the way to go about it and was really quick and easy. I assumed I hadnt put enough product in to be able to peel (i have since tried again with a super thick layer and the same thing happened so I will just spoolie it out for future uses )

The end result was good but not as dark as I had hoped, on no makeup days I would leave them as is but if I am wearing makeup I will defintly darken them a little more, but that is just personal preference. I love that it doesnt leave your brows feeling stiff or crunchy like Wunderbrow does, and it doesnt turn them warm brown like the Maybelline one does.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to apply 
  • Lasts well


  • Takes 2 hours 
  • Limited shade range 


Overall I would definitly recommend this product, it is my favourite brow tint that I have used to date.     




Links are affiliate which means I will get a small comission if used to purchase items, this does not effect the amount you pay.     


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