i went self hosted ..

So today was the day i finally got my finger out of my arse and decided to sort out my blog. I’ve been writing it on and off for around 6 years and thought it was about time I organised it.

I have been wanting to go self hosted for a while now but always ummed and ahhed over it. There are various reasons from wanting more control over how my content looked to being able to add affiliate links.

Today I sat down and started researching and found some really helpful posts , first was with Something About A Baby here and then also here at Nap Time Natter. Reading these really helped me decide to make the move so I went onto TSO Host and signed up to the Personal Package and bought my domain name. Total was £21 for the year which I thought was super cheap. I also added the free migration option to my basket.

Next up I received an email from TSO Host saying that I needed to fill in the migration details, which I did around 2pm, then I received an email at 4pm saying it was complete and gave me all my login details. I have read that some people lose posts etc when moving from wordpress and that is a good idea to export your blog (literally one click on your page). However, I must have been lucky as I didnt lose any details.

The hardest part of the swap has been choosing a new theme, the one I had on wasn’t available on and to be honest it looked a bit shit anyway so I have spent the last 2 hours searching themes to find one that I like and ended up choosing this one. I think it looks clean and easy to navigate which is what I like when I’m reading a blog. Let me know what you think in the comments.


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