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Top 20 Favourite Film – 2/100 days

For Day 2 of my 100 Days of Blogging Challenge I am choosing an easy one because my brain is far to excited about other things to be able to think much today. These are not in order of favourite-ness (it’s totally a word), again that would take far too much brain power today.

  1. A Time to Kill – 1996 – This is an incredible film with Morgan Freeman, Matthew mcconaughey and Sandra Bollock (yes you read that right,) it is hard to watch in places but it is so amazing. It is based on A book of the same name by John Grisham (1989) which is also one of my favourites.
  2. Overboard – 1987 – This is a classic feed good film starring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel who are two of my all time faves. I remember watching this film when I was about 7 or 8 with my friend Hayley and we both loved it so much. Even now if I am having a bad day I will chuck this on and it instantly cheers me up, and I still have major closet envy.
  3. Dirty Dancing – 1987 – I don’t really feel like this needs much explaining. Again this one I watched with Hayley, I remember Hayleys auntie (maybe) had a pair of silver shoes like the ones in the film and being in awe of someone so glamorous.
  4. Die Hard – 1988 – I am bunching all the Die Hard films together here to save spaces. I love them all, the earlier ones more than the most recent but I will happily watch any of them on any given day. I think Die Hard is the greatest Christmas movie of all time, I even made a Christmas card about it in my etsy shop  here and here. I absolutely love Bruce Willis, he can do no wrong.
  5. Grease 2 – 1982 – Don’t get me wrong I love Grease but Grease 2 is so much better in my opinion. I love Michelle Pfeiffer being a kick arse leading lady and Maxwell Caulfield is a proper old school dream boat. The song Reproductions wins it on its own but in all honestly I actually sing the songs from this film a lot. Girl for All Seasons is always stuck in my head along with Let’s Do It For Our Country. If you want a feel good musical film that is so bad that it is actually genius then this is for you.
  6. Magic Mike – 2012 – Channing. Tatum. Stripping. Matthew. Mcconaughey. Stripping. Joe. Manganiello. Stripping.
  7. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape – 1993 – This is a bit of a tear jerker which I typically don’t like but this one is different, it has Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead role and it is the story of him and his family and his very overweight mother. I think I was about 15/16 when I first watched this and I loved it so much, I made my brother watch it and he loves it too.
  8. The Bone Collector – 1999- Jolie and Washington smash the balls of this film based upon the Jeffrey Deaver (also one of my fave books) Its got tension and excitement and romance and general all round awesomeness.
  9. The Net – 1995 – This is awesome. Its exciting and the lead character is amazing. Sandra Bollock portrays a woman whose identity is stolen and replaced with one of a wanted criminal to take the fall for a crime.
  10. Speed – 1994 – Reeves/ Bollock. This is the film that started my love affair with the lead actor and actress and also my obsession with action movies. It also doesn’t hurt that Keanu is all kinds of beautiful.
  11. Volcano – 1997 – Tommy Lee Jones is the lead in this action packed disaster film.  I probably watch this at least once a year. A father does everything he can to save his daughter and a whole city, kicking arse along the way while mother nature tries to fuck everything up.
  12. Alien Vs Predator – 2004 – This was the first of the Alien/ Predator movies that I ever watched and I love it so much, it opened the doors for me to watch the original films which are also amazeballs.  A group of archaeologists are appointed by a super rich dude to find out what a heat signal is in Antarctica, chaos ensues.
  13. John Wick – 2014 (and John Wick 2) – Keanu Reeves stars as a retired hit man. I only watched these earlier this year and they smashed their way onto my top 20 list with ease. Something happens in the first few minutes of the film that nearly made me not watch it (I won’t spoil it for you) but I am so pleased I persevered and watched it to the end. If you like action then this film will be for you. Again, Reeves has just got better with age and I love him all over again like i did when I first watched Speed.
  14. Jurassic Park – 1993 – When I watched this as a child I loved it because it was dinosaurs. Once I hit 15 I loved it for one reason and one reason only, the legend that is Jeff Goldblum. He is the most beautiful man and he is aging like a fine wine. (My friend Hayley who I mentioned early also has a obession with him so we send each other pics/links to do with him at every opportunity)
  15. While You Were Sleeping – 1995 – It’s another Bollock movie. Can you tell I love her yet. This is a romcom and an all round feel good easy watching family movie. You could watch this with kids, teens and grannies and everyone would love it.
  16. Zoolander – 2001 – I was 17 when this came out and I remember going to the cinema to see it and thinking it was amazing. 17 years later and I still think it is hilarious, Ben loves it too and we often reference lines from the film and do ‘Blue Steel’ whenever we take pictures.
  17. Waynes World – 1992 – Classic. Everyone loves this, it was the first film I saw with Mike Myers who I think is one of the funniest people ever.
  18. Friday – 1995 – Ice Cube and Chris Tucker star in this super funny film about having a really bad day. I also really like all the other films that came after this (Next Friday, Friday after next).
  19. Hostage – 2005 – It’s another Bruce Willis one here. Action packed this film shows Willis being a hostage negotiator, however his own family is in jeopardy at the same time, who will he save. SPOILER – obviously he saves everyone because Bruce Willis does not fuck about.
  20. Death Becomes Her – 1992 – Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep star in this black comedy about a quest for eternal youth and what you will do to obtain it (it also stars Brucie 🙂

That was my top 20, I could have done another 20 without much effort but these are my go to movie if I want to watch something awesome.

What’s your favourite film? Do you have a favourite actor that you love everything they do?


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