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Well it was rubbish. In a stuffy room that was about 30000000 degrees (may be an exaggeration). 8 couples, one midwife, one community midwife.  The midwife in charge was very old school, made a point of saying she doesn’t have a laugh and joke with people, fair enough she has to be serious in her job but really??? I’m hoping for a midwife that is down to earth and knows her job well but is happy to have a joke with us the situation arises (eg.  A rogue trump)
Any who, so she started off asking every couple to write on a post what they felt they must know, what they were worried about and what we were looking forward to.  Ours were as follows

Need to know : at what point should we go to hospital
Worried about : health of mum and baby
Looking forward to: not being pregnant.
Then we had to stick them on the wall in the appropriate place, she then read them all out.  Even though they were basically all the same.

We then had a ten minute break cos it was so fucking hot. 2 couples didn’t come back for the second half.

Second half she told us what signs to look for to show we are going into labour. Basically she read out the section in our notes that tells u the signs of labour.  Then told us the 3 stages of labour, again, reading out of our notes.

Then gave out handouts…. You guessed it. Printed pages of our notes. Very odd. Then sent us home 45 mins early. Not sure how I feel about going back to be honest, one girl asked a question about bleeding after birth and she did nothing to reassure her at all. The poor girl was crying and there was no empathy.

In other news I am now 35 weeks and 3 days, here’s a little bump pic (not so little, even though am measuring 3 weeks behind)


Here’s another little pic halfway thru hair straightening, just coz it amuses me


This weekend we r having a birthday party for Ben, his birthday is 2 days after baby is due so probably won’t be up for massive celebrations. Having a lovely bbq on Sunday I’m cooking a hog roast for everyone and I am so excited. I love hog roast.

Had braxton hicks all day yesterday, today baby has been much quieter but I think that’s because I have been cleaning since i woke up. Kitchen done, living room done, dining room done, Hallway done, toilet done. Ceilings hoovered…. DONE!!!  yes u read that right, I hoovered the ceilings.

I’m now having a little sit down watching never been kissed, love it. Also accidently ate a massive bar of Cadbury caramel and feel all jittery from sugar.

Right I’m off to try and relax, smell u later   xxx

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