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So today my footmuff arrived. I knew we would need one coz little miss will be 3 months when it’s January so she will need something to keep her snuggly. However the one made by uppababy for our buggy is revolting


It’s also about £80.00 which is insane, especially coz it is so ugly. So I started searching online for custom ones, I wanted something girly what with the uppababy vista being the monster truck of buggies. After a lot of research I found a girl on Facebook going by the name of Roro Taggy Designs.  She has a photo album of what seems like millions of amazing fabrics. Now the hard part, choosing the material. I narrowed it down to 8 so got Ben to have a look, he picked 4,mostly the same as mine which made it easier.  I wanted girly but also not crazy pink coz the buggy is red and Ben wouldn’t push  a barbie pink one. So we settled on the sugar skull material with black backing. I also opted for a handmuff that matched. I ordered on the 7th August and they arrived today first class recorded delivery which is a crazy quick turnaround for a custom made item. The footmuff itself has a zip off front so can be used as just a liner if the weather is warmer. Here r some pics




I absolutely bloody love it. The fabric is brilliant quality and feels so snuggly and warm, just need the baby here now.  So if any of u lovelies are expecting or looking for a custom footmuff that doesn’t cost the earth (this was £45 for the footmuff) then go see Laura on Facebook at Roro Taggy Designs. She does other things too like nappy bags etc.

Smell u later xx


  • ftmguide

    oh my I have an uppababy vista too! and jesus I feel like it was such a mistake to get! sorry to be a downer but jesus. I really didn’t think about the practicality of using the thing.
    My bub is 2.5 months old and I hardly use it (well I try not to) because its suchhhh a mission!

    First of all its hugeeee. That bassinet is massive! and heavy when you are trying to get out of the house with bub on your own.

    Anyway. You may find it easier BUT i do love the footmuff! I also saw the uppababy ones were pretty boring and expensive

    I’m going to see if there are any designers here in Australia because I think the shipping from the UK will make it expensive

    Thanks for the info!

    • mustnoteatcake

      Oh no, rubbish u don’t like ur vista, we spent weeks and weeks trawling the shops testing out all the buggies and I felt the vista was the easiest to fold and put bassinet and seat on by myself. My oh was quite keen for me try lots coz I am only 5ft2 and a small build so needed something easy. It was a choice between the vista, the wayfarer and the I candy. Vista was the lightest bassinet, I couldn’t even lift the I candy one lol. Fingers crossed I made the right choice. With regards to the footmuff I would definitely contact roro taggy designs to see how much it would cost to post coz they r such good value and the choice of material is crazy xx

      • ftmguide

        Well let me know how you go with it once baby has arrived because I do want to love my vista. It wasn’t exactly cheap!

        Oh good point. I’ll ask them how much it would cost to ship because i do love their materials and i can’t find any Australia like it


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