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Well miicah is 6 weeks old today. I can’t believe how quick it’s gone. Doesn’t seem like 5 mins since she was pulled out the sunroof. Since my last post we have both got better, miicah is no longer jaundice and is gaining weight well, she was weighed today and is 10lb  1oz so has nearly gained 3lb since birth. I however have lost all my baby weight, I gained 1 stone 8lb during pregnancy, 2 weeks post I was 1 stone 6lbs lighter, 5 weeks post I have was 1stone 9lbs lighter.  Now I just have to lose the 2 stone 9lbs to get down to my ideal weight. To do this I have rejoined slimming world….. Again.

I went last Tuesday to the 9.30am group, the consultant, mandy was really nice and lots of the other members were really friendly. I took miicah, (obviously) and when it came to be being weighed a lovely lady came over and offered to hold her while I weighed in. Then about 5 other people asked for cuddles which was nice.  So all week I have been 100% on plan.  Weigh in is tomoro morning, I’m really nervous. I’m not sure why because I have been so good.  I’m worried incase I haven’t lost any, I don’t want to get down and eat lots of crap in the aftermath. I will post again tomoro after weigh in, wish me luck

Smell u later xxx


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