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How do you discipline?

So 3 year old and 2 year old were playing in the garden in the mud kitchen. I’m editing in the conservatory so can see them (about 10 feet away)

Look at computer and hear a blood curdling scream, look up and 2 year old is gagging spitting out massive chunks of mud and God knows what else.

3 year old is standing next to her looking worried holding a large spoon covered in mud.

2 year old is now cleaned up and not crying, we’ve brushed teeth 10 times to try and remove remnants of squashed bugs 🤢 and dirt particles. I’ve told 3 year old she isn’t allowed to choose any TV for the rest of the day and I’ve taken her rainbow dash back pack!! (I know I’m a heartless bitch).

She is sobbing (fake) on the sofa shouting I’m so sorry I’m so so sorry waaaaahhhhhhhh….I want to pick the telly.

I asked her what she is sorry for and she said for not being able to pick what is on the telly.

Fuck. My. Life.

How do you discipline your toddler/kids?

I normally just naughty step if it’s violence (the little one is a biter and the big one is prone to crazy eyes and a bonk on the head to her sister) . I just didn’t feel like a naughty step was enough for this.

Was I too harsh?


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