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Miicah violet arrived on the 8th September 2014 at 3.54am via emergency c section after 100 hours of labour!!!!!


So…. Labour sucks massive balls. I call bullshit on anyone who says it was a magical experience and even more so on those who enjoyed it. No seriously congratulations anyone who enjoys labour, I wish I was one of them.

So here is the birth story…….

On Wednesday the 3rd September I went to my friend kealys house for coffee and cake and baby cuddles with her and her friend Amy and my friend Lauren who is also pregnant. While sat drinking decaf coffee and eating donuts I started getting what I assumed were braxton hicks. However upon leaving her house I walked home and they carried on coming despite me moving. I got on my ball and started timing. Every ten mins. Not painful but definitely uncomfortable. By 7pm they were every 7 mins and I called Ben home and we went to get checked out. Told only 1cm and to go home. Carried on all night between 5 and 7 mins apart, I sat in my nursing chair all night rocking and reading birth forums. Things carried on Thurs with much of the same and into Friday. Friday they were painful and I was struggling to talk properly thru them so we broke out the tens machine which was a god send. So amazing.  I sat and bounced on my ball all day listening to hip hop (Tupac helped) until it got too much and we went back to hospital, told 2cm and that I was in slow Labour and to go home. So I decided I wasn’t going to do anything to encourage the contractions coz I was so tired from being awake for 3 days. However Saturday came and the contractions got closer and more painful. By the night I was in agony, we went to labour and delivery at about 1am sat night/sun morning and was finally admitted. They popped me on a trace and could see the contractions were coming thick and fast every 4 ish mins so they gave me gas and air which is amazing. I wanted to get one for the house coz it was so lovely. However by 8am I was knackered and no further dilated and they wanted me to relax so they offered pethidine, I had previously said I wouldn’t have it because people I know have had horrible experience on it. However the midwife said it wouldn’t effect the baby coz it would wear off within 4 hours and I was no where near that close to giving birth so I accepted. It didn’t make me sick or nauseated or spaced out, I felt it just relaxed me so I could actually rest a little between contractions. By the time the pethidine wore off the contractions were mega painful and they checked me again and I was still only I sucked on my gas and air for what felt like a week until 4.50pm when they checked me again and I was 3cm. I asked for an epidural, was told they would break my waters and then pop a canula in and then do epidural. That all happened, I swore when the midwife put the canula in coz I hate needles but didn’t swear anymore. The epidural took 3 goes to get in coz he kept hitting nerves in my back that made my legs feel like they were being electrified. However once it was in it was brilliant.  Fair play to any woman who goes thru labour with no pain relief, I wanted to be one of u but it turns out after nearly 5 days of Labour I just wanted all the drugs. And I took all the drugs. My epidural was a mobile one which was mega weird, not feeling ur belly but being able to walk is very odd. By 10pm I was checked again and I was 10cm. FINALLY!!!!! however the midwife said they would leave me an hour to see if the last little bit of cervix would move,  11pm it hadn’t so they said leave it another hour. 12.30am Monday morning I got the go ahead to push. I pushed for an hour and nothing happened, apart from my epidural wore off and I could feel everything.

The doctor was called and they noticed some “suspicious” things on the babies trace and he said I could push for an hour but then they would intervene. He said the magic words that made me lose my shit (not literally). FORCEPS!!!!  for no good reason whatsoever I have a stupid irrational fear of forceps and suction cup births. I couldn’t push and I couldn’t breathe properly thru crying and panicking. Ben was completely aware of my fear and we tried to explain to Libby my midwife and she said that the only other option was a c section but they would prefer not to, she said she would argue my case with the surgeon. Turns out she didn’t need to coz he was amazing. He came in and said ok that’s fine. They then saw more suspicious things on the babies trace and everything started to happen really fast, I was topped up with epidural, Ben was given scrubs and we were rushed into surgery. There were so many people, I was popped on the bed, a screen was put up, they tested where I could feel to and from and we were off. After a couple of mins the surgeon shouted he need a 3rd person, we later found out that it was because baby had pooped inside and they hadn’t know coz she was so low her head had blocked it coming out so it got really busy.  I couldn’t feel anything as such but was very aware of tugging, quite violent tugging, the table was rocking. After what seemed like an hour she was out. However everyone was very quiet and there was no crying. I kept asking is she OK is she OK, I couldn’t turn to see her but I could see Ben getting paler and paler. I asked if she was dead. No one spoke to us. Finally we heard the best sound in the world…. She cried. It felt like a week waiting for that cry but in actual fact was only about 2 minutes, Ben was allowed to see her while they sewed me up then he bought her over for a cuddle.

Since then we have been back in hospital for miicah because she was losing weight and was jaundice, these r both fixed now. And also again a week later because my c section got infected and my scar opened and a pint of pus came out and ruined our bed on bens 30th birthday, we stayed in for 3 days, iv of lots of antibiotics, I discharged myself last Friday and have had a week of oral antibiotics and finally feel a bit better. I’m slightly worried my scar is becoming infected again coz I am doing too much, I have a consultant appt on Tues so hopefully he will say it’s OK.

Miicah is 3 weeks old tomoro and is amazing. She is such a good baby, and as far as I’m concerned was worth the 100 hour labour, I would do it again in a heartbeat.


Since having her I have lost 1 stone 6lbs, I only gained 1 stone 8lbs the whole pregnancy so I’m very nearly at pre preggos weight. I’ll be rejoining slimming world as soon as I get the all clear from my consultant and will get back to blogging about being a greedy bitch.

Sorry this was mega long. Smell u later xxxxx



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