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Uh oh spagettios

So after my last post about how hard life with a newborn is we thought we would do it all again really soon.

I’m currently 13 weeks pregnant with number 2 which is insane, we are still getting our head around but are mega happy and excited.


This is new baby.  He or she was most unhelpful at the scan, as was mvp.  Not allowing the sonogropher to get all the measurements and stuff they need but all looked OK. Due date is the 1st of November, but will be earlier because I’ll be having an elective section this time. No fucking way am I trying for natural again.  I have had enough contractions to last me a lifetime thank u very much.

I feel like crap all the time with morning sickness, it’s different to with mvp, with her I didn’t feel sick I just vomited ten times a day. This time I am nauseated all day every day with the occasional vomit.  I’d pick more vomit over nausea every day if I could, it’s bloody horrible. We have had to buy a play pen I can just chuck mvp in while I puke or spin out cos she’s into everything at the moment.

I feel awful now so I’m off for a lie down while I have Ben at home. Smell u later xx


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