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100 days left…..

Well the title says it all really, 100 day countdown has begun.

I’m 25 weeks and 5 days, a couple of the girls on one of the groups I am in online have had their babies very early. Everyone is ok, obviously lots of care needed for babies but outlook is good.

This has made me panic somewhat that basically she could come anytime between now and September so I have packed her hospital bag and started getting stuff for mine. I’ve just used the changing bag we got as her bag, it’s from very and it’s a coleen Rooney one, mega chavtastic but it’s so lovely.


It’s got loads of pockets and come with a changing mat, wipe clean bag for poopy or sicky things and the red strap matches the buggy perfectly. I wanted a pink bag but Ben wouldn’t carry it so we got this so we only have to have one. It was supposed to be £39 but I had a discount voucher and got it for £35. However I do know it’s now on offer at little woods for £32 so get  a bargain if u fancy.

I also bought her cot mattress this week, had to have it custom made because we r using bens cot from when he was little and it’s got curved ends and none of the standard sizes fitted without a massive gap. Found a store online where u give them the sizes and they custom make for u which is mega, and no more expensive.

We have also painted the decals on her wall, we originally bought stickers but they were shit and all fell off so I drew the same design on, but bigger. I’m so pleased with how it turned out.


I have also painted her name underneath but cut that off the pic coz it’s a secret. We have fuchsia pink curtains being delivered today, I just want to have everything ready so I can relax before she gets here.

What else has happened this week……


This is this week’s belly shot, feel massive and people feel the need to tell me how fat I am all the time. How I haven’t punched anyone in the face yet I do not know.

My brother also came down to see us which was mega, we went to the driving range to whack some balls and it was so funny. Josh was pretty good and got them quite far whereas I think my furthest one went 100feet which is pants.


I think we r off to John Lewis today to buy a gro egg, it’s a room thermometer/night light. It glows a certain colour depending on the temperature in the room, yellow is perfect, going thru to red for far too hot. Mum says we don’t need one but I want one. We have nearly got everything we need, most of the basics are covered, the only expensive thing we need is a footmuff for the buggy but I have found a lady on Facebook who makes custom ones from a  choice of 300 fabrics so I’m going to get one with sugar Skulls. I can’t wait, and she is half the price of the one that is meant to go with out buggy, winner.

Right I’m off to eat some cereal, smell u later xxx


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