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12 weeks to go

So last time I blogged I was 13 weeks pregnant, I’m now 27+1. It’s dragging. So slowly.

With mvp it flew past but this time it’s like someone has pressed pause. It’s annoying.  I just want it to be October already.

I’m due 1st November but am having an elective section end of October, keeping the actual date a secret.  I can’t wait.  I have mixed reactions when I tell people I’m having an elective section, some say I don’t blame you but the majority say,  don’t you fancy having a go at natural labour.

To answer this is say I have already had a bloody good go at natural labour. Mvp was 100 plus hours of contractions, 2 hours of pushing.  If that isn’t having a go I don’t know what it.  What I really want to say to people is fuck off,  this is my baby and my choice and I don’t need u judging me.

Pregnancy makes me an angry panda. More angry than normal.  I wanna tell people to shove their opinions up their fannies.  Mostly when I get the following comments

“God, 2 babies in 14 months that’s gonna be horrible “
” wow your massive, are you sure it isn’t twins “
” was it planned “

I’m not sure why people seem to think just because you are pregnant it gives them free range to say whatever insulting thing pops into their tiny brain.  I remember it being the same last time.

So if you know someone pregnant, or sit next to someone on a bus (this has happened to me) don’t feel that it’s necessary to say whatever brain fart is in your head. And don’t stroke people’s bellies. I don’t mind this at all (if I know) but I know lots of ladies don’t want anyone touching their stomachs.  If however I don’t know u and you go in for a belly rub I will either tell u to fuck off, grab ur boob or kick u in the cock!!!!

U have been warned. Right the small one is asleep so I’m off to watch desperate housewives.

Smell u later xx


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