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20 week scan……

So today was our 20 week scan. I felt so sick before hand worrying something was wrong but once we got in a the sonographer started doing her thing I felt better.

She had a quick look over then showed us the 4 Chambers of babies heart, femur bones, little hands and feet, took all her measurements which were all normal then she tried to look to see baby was a he or she.

Baby was naughty so she couldn’t see so I got up and jumped about and shook my belly and hips to see if I could move the little thing.

Finally she got a look and said she’s pretty sure baby is a girl 🙂 I was so shocked, I bet Ben a fiver it would be a boy. I’ve called her a boy since I found out – the only contradicting thing was I had a dream a couple of nights ago that it was girlie. I am so happy thou, I didn’t think I would care either way but am over the moon. The main thing was it’s all happy and healthy and was waving at us but now I get to buy pink things 🙂

She posed right at the last min for a picture, much better than the 12 week one.


I love her little button nose and chubby belly.

I have my heart set on a name but Ben isn’t sure so now I just need to convince him. Might play the card of “well it has your surname” we’ll see, hopefully he will grow to love the name I have in mind.

Smell u later xxx


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