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22 weeks down….. 18 to go

Well this is getting scary. How r there less weeks left than have already been???? When did that happen?

So this last week we have felt baby girl kicking loads, even Ben felt some which is mega and then last night we saw one from the outside. She’s had some crazy legs.


This was me trying on my old work shirt, as u can see it still fits perfectly lol. I started working back at the little Red roaster to help out while they open their 3rd shop, it’s awesome. On Wednesday I am working on the stall on my own, hopefully I can remember how to make coffee πŸ™‚

We had a few people over on Saturday, the boys came to help with garden stuff and rosie and ruby came to eat falafel and watch Avril lavinge on you tube (ruby is 4 and loves her)Β  they bought us the cutest bibs for baby girl (we have chosen a name for her but I am forbidden from telling anyone)


She’s gonna be a mini goonerette πŸ™‚


This is a modesty cover made expecially for me by my friend Kelly who makes awesome rockabilly hair accessories. I asked if she thought she could make something along the lines of a cover and boom, a few days later she’s done. I absolutely love it. The colour nearly matches the babies room perfectly and the Skulls r just coz I love Skulls


If anyone is interested her Facebook page is

I don’t know how to make that work properly but u can see the name, she is based in Kings Lynn and posts items all over.

This morning I had to make the fur babies a make shift breakfast coz they ran out of biscuits. This is what I ended up with, cous cous scrambled egg and spinach, they were super excited and made lots of mess while eating.


So this week I went to primark and bought lots of baggy tops and stretchy leggings and seam free bras. I am now in comfy heaven. I really don’t want to get maternity wear because it is so old lady Laura Ashley shit. I can still get in my normal clothes but they r a little tight and uncomfortable and also maternity stuff is so expensive. Any tips on where to buy non frumpy stuff would be awesome.

Right I’m off to clean the kitchen coz it appears a bomb has gone off.

Smell u later xxx


  • laura94b

    Loads of high street shops (H&M, New Look, Primark etc) do maternity bits – I know cause I usually stray over to look at something pretty then realise I’ve wandered into the maternity section! Defo not all frumpy bits πŸ™‚

  • ftmguide

    I was the same when it came to maternity clothes. The stuff I saw in maternity shops was horrible and depressing and way too exxy

    I bought stuff on Asos such as jeans and workpants

    I then went to Cotton On and purchased elastic skirts that I could wear to work and use on the weekends. I bought a size larger than normal and that was it! Most of my tops we’re loose and flowy so didn’t have much problem there


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