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23 weeks and 4 days…..

Only a couple of days until V-Day. Woop. Woop.

V day is 24 weeks, when a baby can be born and be viable. It’s a scary thought but it’s also a really big mile stone 🙂

The last couple of weeks have been really close and clammy and I’ve struggled to sleep. Also had to sort through all my clothes which was super depressing. 90% of them either don’t fit or are winter clothes so I’ve been feeling really fat and gross. Ben keeps telling me that I’m not fat it’s baby but I feel horrible. I can’t wait to start working more so I can afford some nice summer clothes that fit and don’t make me feel like a whale. My only maternity top is awesome though, Ben bought it for me from Amazon.


I love it. It’s mega. There r so many awesome maternity shirts but they r all quite expensive so hopefully I can manage with just a few. I think come the summer I will be in my paddling pool mainlining ice lollies 🙂

What else has happened this week?  Oh yeah we had another scan, a private one this time at a company called 4d baby scan. We went along and got scanned and the sonographer said she is 98% sure that baby is a girlie. So excited now we have confirmation so we can finish decorating and buying pink things. The scan was on the same day as the FA Cup final and the picture was so funny coz it looks like she has her hand on her head coz she was worried about the game


Overall it was a very tense day. Lots of shouting and swearing and lots of food eaten and fake beers drunk but arsenal prevailed and won the game. It was the first time since being an arsenal fan that I have seen them win so I was mega happy. I think baby girl was a good luck charm.

Hopefully once she is here she will be a good luck baby all next season. Just got to get her a tiny shirt 🙂

Right, smell u later xx

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