Pregnancy Stuff

28 weeks…. DONE

28 weeks today.

9 weeks until full term

12 weeks until due date.

We r going to look at a new car this evening, bens focus is doing a jumpy judders thing and he has it in his head that he needs an estate. A dad wagon as he calls it. We r going to look at a Volkswagen passat. I don’t like estates but it’s bens car so I’m open to looking. We need to be able to fit the buggy in the boot and our buggy is like a monster truck. And we have to fit the dogs in.

This week we have taken nibblers crate away,  he now sleeps on a comfy chair or a duvet. It’s made his the worst guard dog ever, we can make it thru the front door and thru both baby gates before he notices, and even then he just rolls off and trots over to say hi. He has been a naughty doodle this week and ate a chicken bone, it wasn’t splintered or sharp but we r monitoring every poop to make sure it comes out which is loads of fun. I’m hoping  it comes out by tomoro night or else we will have to go see a vet and that’s an expense we can’t really afford. But if the bone doesn’t show then we don’t have a choice.

I’ve packed the baby’s hospital bag and made a start on mine, just need some jamas and a dressing gown really. I’m to probably a bit early to do it but 8 babies from the September group have been born already so I wanna make sure I am prepared just incase she decides to come early.

Been feeling her move lots this week, lots of rolls and squirms and massive kicks. She’s all on one side at the moment and moves my phone if I lay it on my belly.


This is today, only a couple of little stretch marks on my hips so far, I’m moisturising like a crazy person but not too optimistic that they won’t spread and get worse. Keep ur fingers crossed for me. My friend is full term and says she has loads.

Right I’m off to eat some fruit instead of more pringles, smell u later xxx


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