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33 weeks…..

So I’m 33 weeks preggo today. It is going so fast it’s scary. I have a midwife appt tomorrow and am currently waiting to hear from hospital for a glucose tolerance test and a growth scan. I’m hoping everything  is just precautionary and baby girl is all OK but we will see.  I’m currently on 2 lots of antibiotics, one for a uti and one for a horrible toothache. It hurts so much, people keep telling me they would rather go through labour than have toothache, it that’s true then I should be fine because I have had continuous tooth ache for over a week now, it’s making me grumpy coz it hurts and I can’t sleep. Everyone keeps telling me to sleep lots before baby comes but I can’t, I hate laying on my left but it’s the only position that doesn’t either hurt or make me vomit. Anyone who says pregnancy is easy is a massive liar who needs a slap. There is nothing easy about it. I know it will all be worth it in the end but at the moment I am fed the fuck up.

In other news it’s my mums 60th birthday on the 4th August and she is having a big party with up to 100 people. I’m making her cupcakes for the party, I’m gonna have to decorate the at her house coz I don’t think they will last in the car. We r going to leave the doggies at home because it’s too much effort to take the dogs and the cakes, plus I don’t feel like sleeping  at bens parents house coz that would involve wearing pajamas (which it is too hot to do) and I feel bad waking everyone up all night for my 14 million nightly wees (this may be an exaggeration).

We are all ready for baby girls arrival, the only thing  we need is a footmuff for the buggy which I will order in the next few weeks. I’ve picked a sugar skull material which is awesome coz although I love my buggy it’s not very girly.  Any who true blood starts soon and I don’t want to miss it.

Smell u later xxx


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