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38 weeks (not that I’m counting)

So it’s official. I am pissed off of being pregnant. Before everyone has a go at me…. I know this is an amazing time and millions of ladies who can’t have babies of their own would love to be pregnant, I know it’s a little miracle but I am fed up. Fed up of needing wee every 8 minutes, fed up of being starving hungry all time, but most of all I am pissed off of being sick every single day.  For the last month I have been physically sick at least once a day, up to ten times a day. It was just heartburn that was making me sick but the last few days it’s turned to full blown nausea continually that comes with full on sick at random times, no pattern to what I am eating or doing, just lots and lots of sick. This morning I woke at 6am (and 1,2 3 and half 4), coughed and threw up red hot bile into my mouth. Luckily I made to to the bathroom so poor old Ben didn’t get covered in it. Then spent half an hour throwing up bright yellow bile. This is my least favourite, if u can have a favourite kind of sick. I can just about cope with throwing up food but bile is horrific.  Any of u ladies who have had morning sickness from start to finish are hero’s. I had it from 5 weeks to 13 but then luckily had a break until about 34-35 weeks. But enough is enough. Baby girl is cooked. I want her out now so I am starting operation eviction. Bouncing on my ball, walking lots and raspberry leaf tea, I know none of these work unless she is ready to come but I need to be proactive otherwise I will end up killing someone.  This is today belly shot, I feel ginormous.


Every movement she does now is really sore, her little bum is in my ribs and it’s hurts. (I say little bum, if she is anything like me then it will be massive, granny says my arse is huge)

It’s also transfer deadline day today. This makes me cross too coz I know arsenal won’t sign a striker even thou we need one. And a defensive midfielder and a cover centre back.  I’m watching it on sky sports news, even though it just makes me an angry fat panda. Right I’m off to puke.

Smell u later xxx


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