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3rd trimester……

Wow this is scary. It doesn’t feel 5 mins since I got my positive test, yet the app on my phone just told me I am now officially in the 3rd and final trimester of pregnancy. WTF.

91 days until baby girl is scheduled to make an appearance. Ben thinks she will be late. I think she will be early, end of August.  My belly is rock hard today and has been squirming and wiggling all morning. Yesterday I was on the sofa with the laptop (it’s a little one) resting on my belly and she kicked it off. Full on ninja kick. I keep trying to catch her on video but she is camera shy. So we just have to have bump shots instead, this is a few days ago


Today is much less rounded, I think she’s moved to a different position. See what u think


Excuse the gratuitous pants shot :mrgreen:

Also this week my cravings have changed slightly, still want rolos all the time but also want raw veg and hummus, can’t get enough of it. Yay healthy stuff. But also I want fry ups. My friend rosie took me to a little cafe called jaspers in the city and I had a big breakfast


It was so yummy. Then Ben took me to weatherspoons on Saturday and I had another one. It’s so bad but it’s so good and if the baby wants it then I have to have it.

Saving grace was a massive veggie bake last night which had 6 different types of veg in (and cheese and chorizo) but we will ignore that bit


This week we have also been watching the world cup, now as much as I love football and the premier league I’m not a fan of the world cup. Especially with their being 4 Games per day, starting at 5pm. They r on too late, I am too sleepy. Me and Ben have a sweepstake where we r betting 50p per game, so hopefully by the end I’ll have a little bit of pocket money. Coz I am skint. It’s pants. I get paid at the end of the month then my maternity allowance payments start from July so it should be good, just got to last another couple of weeks.

What else has happened…… Oh yeah I’ve decided to change my surname to bens so that I will be the same as him and baby girl. I have bad association with my surname so am super excited to get rid of it finally. I’m going thru deed poll UK to do it and it only costs £33, cannot wait.

Right I’m off to wash the hair dye off

Smell u later xxxxxx


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