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So I start my new job next week but in the mean time I have been making sure the house is spotless and Ben is full of food coz if I don’t I feel like a lazy bitch.

This week’s project has been my big 70s unit, I bought it for 20 quid from charity shop a couple of years ago.


I loved it when I bought it but since we put the new floor down I hate the colour. It just clashed and annoyed me so I set upon a way to make it lovely again. I didn’t want to buy paint coz really want to save money for the baby. I found some shed paint, now stay with me, but my shed is a beautiful greeny colour. It took a few days to undercoat and paint but it’s finally finished and I love it. So much.


I’ve removed the door coz I think it looks nicer without them. The walls will soon be painted magnolia but my curtains and blinds are nearly the same colour as the dresser is now so it’s all gonna match. Mum thinks I should buy old furniture and do it up, I’m very tempted to have a go, especially coz it’s something I can do at home whilst I get fat 🙂

What else has happened this week……….

Oh yeah. We got the buggy.




Me and rosie collected it and put it together with no help from boys. Woohoo.

It’s was so easy to do and I love it even more now it’s here, I keep playing with it and practising folding it and putting on the rain covers and stuff. I never thought I would be excited about a buggy. What have i become.

Smell u later xxx


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