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Eeeekk 16 weeks tomoro

Well fuck me that’s going quick. Only seems like 5 mins ago I saw the second little line pop up on the test.

So tomoro I am 4 months preggos, morning sickness has all but gone, apart from today when Ben said hey let’s get maccy ds milkshakes and burgers. I had one tiny Cheeseburger and one tiny chocolate milkshake. They stayed down for approximately 9 minutes. Baby does not like them so I won’t be doing that again. The baby also doesn’t like bacon or fruit and vegetables (Ben makes me eat these tho) and really hates cleaning the house 🙂

So after our week away we decided to look at buggies and paint colours. And we chose both. Nursery will be this colour


I really like this colour coz it will work with blue bits or pink bits depending what flavour we make 🙂 Also Ben really likes the tree design on the wall so I might let him have a go at doing one of them too.

The buggy we like is the uppababy vista in red. Initially I didn’t like it coz it’s not as pretty as the silver cross wayfarer or the icandy but it was by far the most practical, easiest to fold, best carry cot  and a ginormous basket underneath.

Well I have horrific heartburn and it’s way past my bedtime so I will talk at u soon.

Smell u later  x


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