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I am bored

Well as the title says I am bored. Bored bored bored.

I have been on maternity leave for 4 days. What the fuck am I going to do for the next 9 weeks while I wait for little miss to arrive? In my head I have always thought she would arrive early, however last night I had a really vivid dream that she is gonna be 2 weeks overdue. It was so real I am now convinced that she will be late. Ben thinks she will arrive on the 20th September, 5 days late. He was right with knowing she was a girl so maybe he will be right with the date.

I feel like I have shot myself in the foot a bit coz I have been shopping and buying little bits like muslin squares, nipped cream and nappies when I have seen them on offer since about 12 weeks. I’ve also bought clothes to last to 3 months, unless she is ginormous. Mostly from charity shops, I can’t understand why people buy expensive brand new things for a baby who is just going to shit, sick or piss on everything.  Also babies don’t know what they r wearing so as long as they r warm and clean that’s all that matters. 6 baby grows from charity shop £3.00. one baby grow from John Lewis £19.00!!!!!!!!!!!! Insane. I’d rather save the money in an account for her when she is older.

Now this all sounds very organised of me but I now have nothing to do. Her room is ready, her cupboard is full, her cot has sheets on…. I literally have nothing left to do.  So I am bored.

Anyone who has any suggestions of free or cheap things to do, or any already mummies think of something that all first time mums forget please let me know.

Smell u later xxxx


  • ftmguide

    Oh wow! is there a reason why you’re on maternity leave 9 weeks early? I went on maternity leave about 4 weeks beforehand and was so busy right up until I went into labour. I still had last minute things to do
    Have you organised a newborn photographer? Baby pics are cutest when they are 7-10 days old
    We also got caught out with our bub in that we bought and received newborn clothes and in fact she was born smaller than what we expected so all her clothes were way bigger and my mum had to run and get new clothes for her but since you’re getting your stuff at the charity shops, grab some in a smaller size than the normal newborn size just in case your baby is smaller than expected

    • mustnoteatcake

      On maternity so early because of trapped nerves in my back and I am a waitress. Physio basically said leave work as soon as u can because I was struggling to walk and my feet keep going numb which is making me fall over. 😕 I have a couple of friends who do photography who I know will be happy to take some pics, also my boyfriend is a bit of a photography nerd lol. Never thought of getting smaller than newborn, there is an asda about 2 mins from our house that had a brilliant preemie baby section so we can always get some quite easily xx

      • ftmguide

        Oh you poor thing! That sounds painful!
        Oh that’s great you have friends who do photography! Have you thought about doing a maternity shoot for yourself? I was totally against it until I saw some really tasteful photos and created my own image of how I wanted our photos to look. I’m about to write a post around it
        Trying to think of what else I did in the lead up to help you along! my memory is shot…

        • mustnoteatcake

          I’ve taken loads of belly pics myself, I Instagram them… Camopants83 is me if u r on it. I’m not sure about a maternity shoot, one friend keeps mentioning it. I’ll be interested to read your post once it’s done xx


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