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So last night Ben was away for work for the night and I couldn’t sleep at all. I tried to sleep on my own but kept freaking myself out so I called in the puppy troops.

Mr bob and tilly came upstairs at 12 and got comfy and promptly fell asleep. Nibbler snored. Tilly farted. Continuously.

By 2.30am I was still awake and making myself panic by reading how much stuff we need for the baby and how I have no proper job and no money to buy all the things, even if I get them second hand.

By 3am nibbler was laying on my leg and it was completely numb and tilly was getting smellier by the minute and decided she would probably be more comfy if she stood on my boob and licked my eye (I think she was just checking I was awake)

So I took them back downstairs and went back to bed on my own. I built a wall of pillows around me and tried counting sheep, yoga breathing, more reading but nothing worked.

6.04am nibbler started to bark to tell me he needed a poo. So I went down and let them out. Nibbler was super fast pooping and ran back upstairs, under the duvet and fell asleep. Tilly however spent 40 minutes eating grass (she does this a lot, she eats grass, and then does a grass poo and then is happy, the vet said this is fine) so I spent the whole time wrapped in a blanket on the chair waiting for her to come in. Eventually both dogs were back upstairs asleep and I crawled back in.

I looked at the clock and it was 7.23 then looked at it again and it was 8.35 so I have officially had just over an hours sleep.

This sucks arse. I need my hairy Ben
back to help me sleep.

So just a warning if u see me today, don’t piss me off coz I will probably rip u a new arsehole šŸ™‚

Smell u later xxx


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